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Rittal-The System Faster - better - worldwide.

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“Rittal – The System.” Faster – better – worldwide: Everything we do centres around the benefits to you. For you, we have developed a perfectly coordinated system platform that unites innovative products, pioneering engineering solutions and comprehensive service. We plan and implement your infrastructure, ensure reliable power distribution, boost energy efficiency through innovative climate control, and develop complete data centres. Faster System solutions from a single partner The perfect interplay between development, engineering, products and service A single point of contact thanks to...

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SOFTWARE & SERVICES Rittal – The System.

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Future-safe, because everything fits together Be it automation, communications or energy technology, market leaders Rittal offer the correct enclosures and cabinets to suit virtually all requirement profiles in modern industrial technology. All from a single source, all in top quality. Perfect, cost-effective solutions to suit every application. Faster – better – worldwide. Faster: Our comprehensive approach to engineering ensures a high level of cost efficiency Better: Future-safe thanks to modular TS 8 system architecture; the configuration of enclosures can be adapted to suit changing...

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ENCLOSURES Rittal – The System.

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Space-saving enclosure solution for Schaffner AG System partnership secures a competitive lead Rittal sets new standards in product development: For example, it created a space-saving cooling solution in an enclosure for the innovative mains filter ECOsine™ Aktiv from Schaffner AG. Thanks to an intelligent combination of air and water cooling with a cooling unit and a recooler, the build size of the system was reduced by a factor of 3, while at the same time increasing reliability. Flexibility in a compact design The mains filter ECOsine™ Aktiv developed by Schaffner AG is housed in an...

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ENCLOSURES Rittal – The System.

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The requirements placed on modern power distribution systems are constantly growing. For this reason, more and more users are insisting on the security of internationally recognised and approved power distribution components. “Rittal – The System.” offers innovative enclosure and busbar systems conforming with the relevant regulations. Tested by independent experts, and proven a million times over. Comprehensive product platform Ri4Power for structured system solutions: Licence-free low-voltage switchgear system based on the TS 8 platform RiLine60: 60 mm system technology for power...

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Efficient switchgear production for Koenig & Bauer Success in the world’s largest market In the North American market, electrical systems are required to meet particularly high standards. UL-approved power distribution components provide a reliable basis for problem-free certification. The best example of this is the Koenig & Bauer Group, one of the largest printing press manufacturers in the world. When it comes to the assembly of low-voltage switchgear by Trips GmbH, the company puts its faith in Rittal's expertise. A number of UL systems have already been installed with the RiLine60 60...

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POWER DISTRIBUTION Rittal – The System. 11

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Cool solutions – Hot property “Rittal – The System.” guarantees comprehensive process control protection with the minimum possible energy consumption. Modern cooling units with excellent efficiency and perfect interface technology, together with liquid cooling concepts, offer fresh new perspectives for the correct cooling of electronic components. This is crucial to the availability and reliability of machinery and IT technology. Faster – better – worldwide. Products for industry and IT Rittal has developed cooling systems based on air or water cooling specifically for industry. Choose...

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CLIMATE CONTROL Rittal – The System. 13

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A sustainable climate control solution for J.G. WEISSER SÖHNE Up to 48% energy savings with “greenplus” Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability: These factors are pivotal to the business success of J.G. WEISSER SÖHNE, leading manufacturers of precision lathes and multi-functional production systems. In its attention-grabbing “greenplus” project, the company successfully proved that it is still possible to achieve energy savings of up to 48% for customers, even with modern systems. To this end, it developed a “green” concept comprising all components from its Drive, Hydro, Air and...

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CLIMATE CONTROL Rittal – The System. 15

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Systems innovations for your IT infrastructure Data centres are highly complex systems: Software, hardware and IT infrastructure must work together efficiently in order to supply the user with inexpensive, reliable IT services. The IT infrastructure must be fail-proof and expandable. It must guarantee a high level of availability coupled with low energy consumption. It must meet a wide range of requirements from various different sectors. Above all, these include powerful climate con- Systematic products RimatriX5: Modular hardware and software components for the IT infrastructure From...

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IT INFRASTRUCTURE Rittal – The System. 17

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Microsoft tests new developments with racks and cooling solutions from Rittal Meeting extreme demands in Redmond The world’s leading software developer Microsoft has set Rittal TS 8 enclosures and Rittal Liquid Cooling Packages up a special data centre at the corporate headquarters are ideal for use in modern high-density data centres, in Redmond to enable its customers to test new software in which blade servers introduce ever greater loads and ahead of productive deployment. At the Enterprise Engi- waste heat into the server racks. The modular TS 8 system neering Center, the IT...

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IT INFRASTRUCTURE Rittal – The System. 19

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“You don’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of everything.” Rittal Global Service is there to ensure this pleasant feeling of security and availability. We are on a worldwide mission to ensure that every aspect of our products is exactly as it should be: Perfect. Rittal’s added value begins with the quality of our products, and extends throughout every phase of the process, from planning and commissioning, right through to support and servicing once the system is up and running. Only “Rittal – The System.” can provide this great feeling of satisfaction and all-round support. The...

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