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Faster - better - worldwide. □ Rittal International Service

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Rittal International Service - 2

Perfect service for “Rittal – The System.” Tailored solutions for individual applications – all from one partner. That is what “Rittal – The System.” is all about. A synthesis of products, ­ ngineering e tools and customer services bundling our whole expertise in a single system package. This system package is rounded off by Rittal International Service. The name says it all, because our services are indeed available to customers worldwide. A total of 63 subsidiaries, more than 250 service partners and over 1,000 service technicians guarantee regional proximity and fast response times....

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Rittal International Service - 3

International availability. Your direct line to our service department. Whenever, wherever and however you need us, we are always on hand to offer you our assistance! Simply give us a call, send an e-mail or visit our website to get in touch. Fast, simple and reliable. ■ Communication in your local language ■ Short distances and fast communication: Thanks to regional service centres and local partners ■ Perfect interaction between service and ■ Individual service solutions from a single partner ■ High qualification standards of Rittal service technicians worldwide ■ More than 250 service...

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Rittal International Service - 4

Individual services over the whole product life cycle. With Rittal products, you can rest assured that your production processes are in safe hands. Rittal life cycle management goes far beyond mere statutory liability for defects and voluntary manufacturer warranties. Rittal safeguards the long-term productivity of your manufacturing systems. And that on the basis of individually tailored measures, because it is you who decides which service level best caters for your risk of production downtime. Spare parts The benefits to you: Preserve the value of your systems and ­ quipment e Reduced...

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Rittal International Service - 5

Every purchase decision is based on expectations, and Rittal International Service is our promise to meet those expectations at all times. From the planning phase, via commissioning to maintenance. After all, your needs as a customer arise long before an actual purchase, and that purchase is likewise still far from the end of our journey together. There are thus three main areas in which we offer to look after your concerns. The decision for Rittal International Service is always an investment which pays: through reduced maintenance outlay through a longer product service life through...

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Rittal International Service - 6

Customer services – to preserve the value of your investments. Comprehensive service. Rittal International Service offers you a comprehensive range of customer services through 63 subsidiaries and with over 1,000 service technicians. From installation to individual user training, you have one partner for all your needs. Take advantage of our comprehensive customer services! On-site repairs: Fast expert assistance (per-call basis) Installation and commissioning: Installation/assembly and commissioning of i ­ndividual devices or whole systems Maintenance: Preventive maintenance to safeguard...

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Rittal International Service - 7

Service in the field – for fast response in case of breakdown. The benefits to you: High flexibility and availability Immediate response Worldwide assignment planning Short downtimes Reliable services at favourable cost Rittal International Service Spare parts Our service technicians are out on the road worldwide. Our highly qualified service technicians are at home in 63 countries around the world, and thus perfectly acquainted with your local circumstances. Via our international service system, you receive all the information which is necessary to facilitate fast, flexible and reliable...

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Rittal International Service - 8

Spare parts – at any time and any place. Customer-specific spare parts Customer-specific spare parts are components which are individually defined and held in stock for our customers on the basis of a corresponding s ­ ervice contract. The benefits to you: Stocks of customer-specific components maintained on the basis of individual service contracts Decentralised stocks to ensure fast and reliable spare parts availability Approved, original spare parts from the manufacturer Standard spare parts Standard spare parts are among those components which we use on a daily basis for our own series...

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Rittal International Service - 9

Flexible contracts: Solutions to match your requirements. Secure your personal service from Rittal. Rittal International Service is as flexible and individual as your requirements. We offer tailored service agreements which guarantee you all the benefits of life cycle management for the long-term future. The benefits to you: Guaranteed response times for a technician on site Preserve the value of your equipment Extended warranty up to 5 years Spare parts stocks Cost transparency The Rittal service packages at a glance: Availability: Office hours Response time: Next working day Spare parts...

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Rittal International Service - 10

Warranty extensions maximise profitability. Greater profitability for your equipment. Rittal products are always a good choice. In harsh industrial environments around the world, they already demonstrate their high quality and reliability in daily operation. Regular preventive maintenance contributes to a longer product service life and thus further increases the profitability of your equipment. We acknowledge the conclusion of an ADVANCED or FULL service contract with a one to three-year warranty extension for a total period of up to 5 years. Warranty extensions are optional with the...

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Rittal International Service - 11

Lead through knowledge. Training opportunities. Spare parts Rittal International Service Training topics: Mechanical aspects Climate control Rimatrix Monitoring/security Modular Safe The benefits to you: User training on site with your own system or at the Rittal training centre Expert know-how from our service technicians Theoretical and practical training Perfect knowledge of your Rittal system enables even better use of the benefits. With this in mind, we offer service training seminars with high practical relevance. Learn how to make optimum use of the product functions with the most...

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