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Rittal Automation Systems We automate panel building

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Rittal Automation Systems

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New business unit "Rittal Automation Systems" The new Rittal Automation Systems business unit extends Rittal's comprehensive range of solutions for control and switchgear engineering. By taking over the entire product range of its sister company Kiesling, Rittal is continuing to expand "The System", offering a comprehensive range of equipment for professional workshop operation. Alongside the potential efficiency gains from using assembly-friendly enclosure systems, an extensive range of system accessories and intelligent software solutions, there is also a growing focus on the automation...

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Processes Optimisation of the complete workflow in enclosure manufacturing The Rittal Automation Systems business unit with its portfolio of services supports all process stages in control and switchgear engineering. From manual tools through to fully automated systems, find your customised solutions for process-optimised workshop operations. ■ Machining of enclosures and components ■ Assembly of terminal blocks on DIN rails ■ Assembly of wires and cables ■ Automated wiring solutions ■ Handling systems and tools Discover our solutions for the fully automated, fast, precise and reliable...

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—((fern (D Wire processing Assembly: Our component mounting products are used for the automated manufacturing of terminal strips in control and switchgear engineering. ■ Athex - Terminal configuration and labelling Wire processing: Take advantage of our professional, rational solutions in wire processing. ■ Cutting machine ■ Stripping machine and crimping machines Tools: The right tool for every application. ■ Screwdrivers ■ Pliers ■ Insulation stripping and crimping tools ■ Hole punching tools POWER DISTRIBUTION CLIMATE CONTROL Rittal Automation Systems

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Wiring: The efficient interplay between engineering, handling, assembly and hand tools makes your wiring process swift, ergonomic and safe. To complete the process chain, our automation team are dedicated to the development of pioneering wiring solutions through to full automation. Handling: We support you with ergonomic, efficient handling systems for a wide range of transport and lifting operations in the workshop. ■ LUT 1000 - Warehousing and order picking ■ Assembly frames - Ergonomic assembly and wiring ■ Functional trolley - Functional solution for transportation and commissioning...

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Rittal Automation Systems - 8

Automation in enclosure manufacturing Perforex machining centres BC Perforex machining centres were designed specifically for panel building and switchgear manufacturing to optimise the machining of enclosure panels and cases in the workshop and boost efficiency. Perforex machining centres can automatically create holes, threads and milled surfaces in the workpiece. All standard materials used in enclosure manufacturing, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper, as well as various plastics and other machinable materials, mounting plates, chamfered and spray-finished doors,...

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■ Performance Package for fast, low-vibration noise-optimised milling, comprised of brush strips and special milling cutters ■ Patented plate with integral extraction of the milling swarf ■ High-performance spindle including minimal quantity lubrication for drilling, milling, thread tapping and thread ! MTAL. Other accessories/options from page 62 We reserve the right to make technical modifications. Rittal Automation Systems

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Rittal Automation Systems - 10

Automation in enclosure manufacturing The 3D laser technology of the Perforex LC series is ideally suited to the machining of stainless steel and sheet steel, as well as powder-coated metals such as enclosure doors, side panels etc. Spray-finished metal parts are cut without any visible paint damage or discolouration, even with delicate contours. What is more, there is no tarnishing of the cut edges when machining stainless steel. The Perforex LC series is cost-effective from machining volumes of around 150 stainless steel enclosures or 300 sheet steel enclosures per annum. ■ Laser centre...

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■ Simple attachment of enclosures ■ Contactless, low-vibration manufacturing process ■ Simultaneous machining of five sides ■ Clean, non-wearing cutting without coolant/lubricant ■ Machining speed in stainless steel 20x faster than with conventional milling process ■ Ergonomic design, thanks to the extendible support surface for enclosure and panel machining Rittal Automation Systems We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

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Automation in enclosure manufacturing Secarex AC 15 cutting centre The Secarex cutting centre is convenient to use and cuts wiring ducts, cable duct covers and support rails to length quickly precisely and reliably. The integral label printer provides project-specific labelling of the support rails and cable trunking. The cutting centre contributes to improved quality, an optimisation of cutting waste, lower costs and an accelerated overall process. \iy Scope of supply ■ Secarex cutting centre ■ Label printer ■ Operating solution ■ Very low costs for cutting waste thanks to optimisation of...

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Manual input of dimensions or direct data transfer from CAD systems (EPLAN Pro Panel) or Perforex workshop programming USB interface Cut optimisation across multiple projects Automatic length stop Safe, two-handed operation for cutting wiring ducts Five DIN rail sizes in one template Rittal Automation Systems We reserve the right to make technical modific

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Automation in enclosure manufacturing Busbar machining, static CW 120-S The units in the CW 120-S product series are ideal for bending, punching and cutting busbars. The integral precision laser facilitates the cutting and bending process. I y Technical specifications Busbar bending and hole-punching unit ■ Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 461 x 700 x 410 mm ■ Weight 60 kg ■ Round holes 0 6.6 - 21.5 mm ■ Slots up to (L x W) 21 x 18 mm ■ Bends up to 120 x 12 mm bars ■ Max. bending radius 90° Electrohydraulic pump ■ Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 335 x 400 x 325 mm ■ Weight 29 kg ■ Motor...

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