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Rittal - The System. Faster - better - everywhere. Q Rittal after sales service for industrial applications A service tailored to your needs

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A good feeling Use our service to minimise downtimes and boost efficiency. Why is service so important for your production process and how can your company benefit? Do you have critical environmental conditions? How much do failures cost? ◾ Vital equipment requires a controlled, stable and protected environment in which it works properly. ◾ The costs resulting from production failures due to overheating, inadequate power or fires can quickly exceed € 10,000/hour. Can your company afford that? ◾ Components have been shown to be less reliable at high internal temperatures in enclosures. ◾...

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SOFTWARE & SERVICES Rittal service brochure

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Rittal Service Failures and performance losses cost time and money. We therefore offer our industry partners worldwide a particularly extensive service portfolio with customised selection options. With Rittal Service you benefit from rapid availability around the globe. Regardless of whether you simply require a little advice for your application or a vital enclosure climate control component needs to be repaired or replaced – we’re there for you when you need us. sites worldwide qualified service engineers Rittal’s successful service concept in a nutshell Trust – support from the...

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Your benefit Optimum system availability savings potential Rapid fault resolution in the event of unexpected incidents Technical expertise from Rittal’s after sales service team ◾ If the worst comes to the worst, Rittal provides you with global support 24/7 and 365 days a year. ◾ Regular training ensures our highly qualified engineers benefit from outstanding product knowledge. ◾ Thanks to optimum spare part stocks, around 90% of all repairs are completed on the first visit. ◾ Certified specialists perform statutory inspections. Rittal service brochure ◾ Certified refrigeration and electrical...

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Regular checks on your Rittal components optimise the performance and minimise the consumption of items such as fans and cooling units. What we offer ■ Individual efficiency analysis using equipment information provided by you and the relevant operating parameters ■ Calculation of potential savings and payback periods ■ Recommendations for improving efficiency How you benefit ■ Analysis of installed equipment to determine its current performance ■ Presentation of energy costs and potential savings ■ Concrete approaches to energy savings for energy audits to DIN EN 16247-1 Further...

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Savings on cost and resources Permanently boost your efficiency. Rittal service brochure

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If a fault occurs despite regular maintenance, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This means it is important for the correct spare part to be available and for the service team to arrive quickly at the relevant location. Repair and fault resolution What we offer ◾ On-site fault resolution by highly qualified service engineers ◾ Fast and professional fault resolution by qualified and certified service engineers ◾ Service vehicles carry the key spare parts, so 90% of our service operations are completed with just one on-site visit (high first-time fix rate) ◾ On completion of the work,...

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Always demand the ultimate in performance.

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Fault-free operation of production lines depends to a great extent on the heat load to which the individual electronic components are subjected. An increase in temperature of around 10 K (Kelvin) halves the service life of these components and doubles their failure rates. Service life Temperature increase in Kelvin Maintenance What we offer ◾ Visual inspection and evaluation of the general condition of your equipment ◾ Risk minimised by preventing downtime ◾ Basic cleaning of the unit ◾ Measurement and documentation of system parameters ◾ Inspection of fans, ventilation and settings ◾...

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nstallation’s value retention Maximise your process operations over the entire service life. Rittal service brochure

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With Rittal service contracts, you can adapt the scope of services to your specific requirements and combine various modules - based on fixed and transparent terms and conditions. This gives your company a high level of fail-safe performance while also enabling you to plan costs thanks to customisable Rittal service contracts. You determine the scope of your service package, deciding on the need for on-site service, the required speed of response, warranty extensions and the stocking of specific spare parts. As a result, you never lose sight of costs. Customised service contract These...

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Plannable costs Calculate your service budget for the years ahead now. Rittal service brochure

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Rittal service brochure

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Good feeling confirmed Interview with Judith Kötzsch, Head of Business Development at Rittal Service International Benefit from the good experiences of other companies with Rittal Service. Discover on the following pages how targeted service strategies helped car manufacturer Ford and security technology company EVVA boost efficiency and save on resources. The service and efficiency check highlighted the maintenance requirements and the potential for savings at Ford. Is that the norm? The condition of cooling units without a maintenance contract differs from plant to plant, but their...

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Rittal service brochure

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Find out how Ford does it Don’t lose sight of unnecessary error sources. Equipment and components from Rittal are an integral part of the process at Ford. The Rittal efficiency and service check on cooling units reveals the maintenance status and potential savings, which helps maintain a high level of efficiency. The condition of over 220 cooling units was checked, including for dirt accumulation, damage and bearing noise. A maintenance checklist including suggested improvements significantly reduced the number of problems and led to substantial savings. Don’t wait until there’s a...

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Rittal service brochure

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