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RiLine60 - 1

Power distribution in 60 mm system technology for all the world’s markets Rittal – RiLine60

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RiLine60 - 2

2 Rittal RiLine60 Rittal – A whole world of power distribution In the field of low-voltage technology, Rittal are key players in control and distribution technology for industrial systems and data centres, as well as in Rittal Ri4Power system technology. Systems based on RiLine60 are individual and economical, thanks to their component modularity and diversity. What is more, comprehensive IEC type testing and UL approvals ensure maximum safety and make them considerably easier to use throughout all the world’s markets. Rittal Power Distribution Ri4Power systems Form 1 Form 2-4 ISV Mini-PLS...

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RiLine60 - 3

Rittal RiLine60 3 Busbar systems 3-pole, from page 16 4-pole, from page 50 Connection systems 3-pole, from page 22 4-pole, from page 56 Component adaptors, circuit-breaker component adaptors 3-pole, from page 24 4-pole, from page 58 Fuse elements Bar assembly, 3-pole, from page 36 Mounting plate assembly, from page 59 Accessories from page 65 Technical details Busbars and short-circuit resistance, from page 80 Assembly data and approvals, from page 87 Background information on IEC and UL, from page 108 Examples of RiLine60 system solutions, 3- and 4-pole 3-pole, from page 8 4-pole, from...

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RiLine60 - 4

4 Rittal RiLine60 Rittal RiLine60 – Modular, individual, saves time and money Three busbar systems œ Flat bars up to 30 x 10 mm œ PLS 800 and œ PLS 1600 PLS 800 and PLS 1600 offer spacesaving assembly by enabling complete top-mounting of the busbar supports. All-round encapsulation of the busbar systems ensures maximum safety. There is no need for the customer to provide his own contact hazard protection features. Connection systems Either flexible busbars or round conductors may be used conveniently, quickly and reliably. The cable outlet is freely selected.

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RiLine60 - 5

Rittal RiLine60 5 Component adaptor One system with many variations. OM component adaptor technology up to 80 A meets every conceivable requirement. Whether you opt for tension spring clamping system, with connection cables or plug-in technology, everything is possible with the ingenious platform technology with its mantra “always in contact”. The tried-and-tested support frame technology facilitates problem-free replacement of equipment with the system operational. The adaptor section remains on the busbar and covers it to prevent accidental contact whilst the component is being changed....

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RiLine60 - 6

6 Rittal RiLine60 Market segment UL (cULus-listed) RiLine60 was the first 60 mm bar system in the world to achieve “cULus-listed” approval. Easier, faster UL and CSA system sign-offs save time and money for plant assemblers. See page 110. The 60 mm system for global use Market segment UR (UL-recognized) The RiLine60 spectrum is supplemented by components which may only be approved as UL-recognized for reasons relating to the standard. See page 110.

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RiLine60 - 7

Rittal RiLine60 7 The approval of power distribution components is becoming ever more important for international switchgear manufacturers: There is a demand for uniform solutions for applications to IEC, UL and CSA without the need for complex, timeconsuming engineering and extensive inspection processes. Market segment UL Important benefits for international machinery and plant manufacturing In RiLine60, Rittal has “cULus-listed” approval for a 60 mm busbar system. This approval provides decisive advantages for international machinery and plant manufacturers with target markets in the USA...

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RiLine60 - 9

Rittal RiLine60 9 RiLine60 system example 1 Busbar system, 3-pole Busbar systems œ 60 mm system technology type-tested to IEC 60 439-1 and UL 508 approved œ High safety standards for global use œ Minimal assembly work and maximum contact hazard protection Connection systems œ Contacting system for round conductors and flexible busbars, no drilling required œ Convenient, assembly-friendly connection using high-quality box and prism terminal technology with minimal heat loss œ Stylish all-round contact hazard protection, also for incoming cables Circuit-breaker adaptor œ 4 variants for the...

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RiLine60 - 11

Rittal RiLine60 11 Busbar system, 3-pole, bill of materials RiLine60 system example 1 Model No. Page 3-pole IEC 3-pole UL Busbar systems PLS busbar supports (3-pole) 9342.000 – 20 PLS busbar supports (3-pole) – 9342.050 20 Base tray 9342.130 9342.130 21 Cover section 9340.200 9340.200 21 Support panel 9340.220 9340.220 21 End covers for contact hazard protection on the sides 9342.070 9342.070 20 PLS special busbars 3529.000 3529.000 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 IEC system example: System assembly with fully topmountable Rittal PLS system 1600 A. A comparable configuration is possible with the Rittal...

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RiLine60 - 13

Rittal RiLine60 13 RiLine60 system example 2 Busbar system, 4-pole 4-pole systems or combinations of 3- and 4-pole systems are used in parts of western and southern Europe, in Scandinavia, and in the Middle East and Canada. In contrast to 3-pole systems, the N-conductor is integrated into the busbar support. The RiLine60 busbar and connection system meets the requirements of these markets to perfection. Another decisive factor in favour of the 4-pole RiLine60 system is that the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of an enclosure is optimised. This EMC requirement also applies in 3-pole...

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RiLine60 - 15

Rittal RiLine60 15 Busbar system, 4-pole, bill of materials RiLine60 system example 2 Model No. Page 4-pole IEC 4-pole UL Busbar systems Busbar supports PLUS (4-pole) 9342.004 9342.004 54 Busbar support (4-pole) 9340.004 9340.004 52 Base tray (PLS) 9342.134 9342.134 55 Base tray 9340.134 9340.134 53 Cover section 9340.214 9340.214 53 Support panel 9340.224 9340.224 53 End cover for side contact hazard protection (PLS) 9342.074 9342.074 54 End cover for side contact hazard protection 9340.074 9340.074 52 PLS special busbars 3529.000 3529.000 54 Busbars 67 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 IEC/UL system...

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