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Faster – better – worldwide. Rittal – The System. Complete system solutions from a single source REFERENCE BROCHURE Industry

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When it comes to achieving comprehensive protection of electronics and electrical engineering, the requirements can vary considerably. For mechanical engineers, the energy effi ciency of the system is an increasingly important consideration, alongside reliability. They will tend to focus on economical cooling units. The same applies to the auto industry, which also uses enclosures in a wide range of sizes: from the TS 8 large enclosure through to small, compact and operating enclosures. Meanwhile, other customers attach particular importance to data consistency and use Rittal solutions at...

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Rittal – The System. Solutions from industry, for industry Rittal operates a professional sector management system. The Herbornbased technology fi rm concentrates on established markets such as mechanical engineering, information technology and transport technology. Rittal also selectively targets future sectors such as renewable energies and electromobility. Through our close, face-to-face contact with customers, we devise creative solutions based on the modular system platform “Rittal – The System” in order to boost energy effi ciency, for example. Our regular exchanges with leading...

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Rittal on the Weisser greenplus project Trimming the electricity consumption of lathes With the pioneering project greenplus, Thorsten Rettich, Head of Design at J. G. Weisser Söhne, demonstrates that even the optimised production system Univertor AC is still capable of achieving savings of up to 48%. The energy-saving potential of machine tools is still far from exhausted: With their greenplus project, manufacturers J. G. Weisser Söhne based in St. Georgen in the Black Forest demonstrate that it is still possible to double energy effi ciency, even in high-tech plants. This is made possible...

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popular machine tool series Univertor and Vertor. “Low unit costs are the key competitive factor for our customers. We must therefore pull out all the stops to achieve this goal”, comments Thorsten Rettich, Head of Design at Weisser. When it comes to energy-effi cient production, the company far exceeds the usual standards, as illustrated by the ambitious project greenplus for Univertor AC. greenplus has been proven to cut the primary energy consumption of this hard turning lathe by 48%. The project is part of Weisser’s comprehensive strategy to minimise unit costs. For transparency...

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Integrated system solution from Rittal A stable energy supply for new Berlin airport Construction work at the BBI site, which covers the equivalent of 2,000 football pitches, has been underway since September 2006. The new airport in the German capital Berlin is scheduled to open its doors in 2011. Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld GmbH bundled the contracts for construction and planning services at the airport into several large tenders. One of these, tender GU XII, comprised all the wiring for the site, including the construction of a total of 22 transformer stations to supply all elementary...

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Martin Kopf at Elpro is responsible for the planning and production of low-voltage switchgear in the GU XII sub-project at Berlin Brandenburg International Airport. The Elpro system in the airport control tower, created using Ri4Power. Staff at Elpro GmbH produce switchgear at their 4,000 square metre plant. 41 circuit-breaker sections and 40 switch-disconnectorfuse sections, from engineering and production through to assembly, commissioning and servicing. The airport’s requirements are very exacting. For example, the invitation to tender specifi es the form of separations for switchgear...

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Rittal at Frankfurt Rhine-Main Airport Outstanding versatility Hubert Grünewald, Head of Operations and Baggage Systems at Fraport, is a fi rm believer in the reliability of Rittal solutions. With more than 50 million passengers, Frankfurt Airport is a global hub for international air traffi c. For many years, its operator company Fraport has used integrated system solutions from Rittal to ensure the reliable functioning of various applications and systems. A glimpse behind the scenes demonstrates the diverse ways in which “Rittal – The System” ensures uninterrupted operation at the...

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In this way, Fraport achieves 99.65% availability. “This high level of reliability is a major competitive advantage for Frankfurt Airport”, comments Herbert Grünwald, Head of Operations for Frankfurt baggage handling systems. The rollercoaster-like system connects Terminals 1 and 2 via a system of tunnels spanning several kilometres. Baggage is transported in standardised containers. A high-tech precision system with readers and scanners transports containers quickly and reliably to their destination via countless track switches. En route, they pass through multi-level control systems,...

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surprisingly simple solution which entailed retrofi tting an LCP Extend climate control system from Rittal while the system was operational. It consists of preassembled climate control doors that are fi tted to the rear of the rack in just a few actions. Its air/water heat exchanger achieves a throughput of 3,000 cubic metres per hour, and can withstand a total heat loss of up to 12 kW per enclosure. A total of 16 TS 8 racks were upgraded using LCP Extend. Since then, the room temperature has remained constant at between 20 and 22 degrees. Once again, Rittal has demonstrated how its...

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Rittal in the automobile industry Prescribed as standard The automobile industry is a key sector of the German economy. German cars owe their market success to the unremitting innovative strength of Germany’s manufacturers and suppliers. “Rittal – The System” has proven highly successful throughout many sectors: from production control and low-voltage power distribution, through to IT networking. Be it Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler, Opel, Ford, Porsche or BMW – for years, Rittal has been a system supplier to the German automobile industry. Enclosures, housings and climate control solutions from...

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