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Mini Data Centre -Modular Safe Extend and Light


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Rittal - Mini Data Centre Modular Safe Extend and Light

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Strong arguments for maximum security Protection for distributed IT infrastructure is no longer a problem thanks to the Rittal mini data centres. The safes protect their valuable contents against a diversity of physical threats, such as fire, water, smoke gases, dust and unauthorised access. The Rittal product range offers the ideal solution for every level of business security demand. Small and medium-size companies benefit from the modular scalability of the concept. The modular safe system is as simple as it is ingenious – with maximum flexibility and performance. The scalability, too,...

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Modular expandability for demand-oriented investment Rack extinguisher system DET-AC Plus, 1 U Compact smoke extraction system and active extinguishing with Novec1230 for network and server enclosures. Monitoring system CMC-TC The complete management concept for preventive security and protection against the follow-on costs of an incident. At the same time, the organisational hub for interfaces to facility management. Uninterruptible power supply The UPS is distinguished by its use of the double-conversion technology. This is the reliable basis for an optimum supply voltage to all connected...

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The Modular Safe Extend offers ultimate security and efficient protection against potential physical threats. Available in a variety of sizes, it permits free configuration in respect of the doors and locking systems, cable bulkheads and climate control solutions. Protection standards Fire protection F90 Օ Compliance with limit values 50 K AT and 85% relative humidity for 30 minutes Burglar resistance class WK4 Օ Protection against smoke gases Protection against dust and water jets All tests were performed as sysխtem tests and confirmed by way of test reports. Colour: Modular Safe: RAL...

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The Modular Safe Light promises a dependable basic level of protection, particularly for locations which place lesser demands on physical security. It is available in both 47 U and 33 U versions, each with a wide range of configuration options. Thanks to its reduced weight, the Modular Safe Light is also suitable for locations with a limitͭed floor load-bearing capacity. Protection standards Fire protection F30 Օ Burglar resistance class WK2 Protection against smoke gases Օ Protection against dust and water jets The tests were performed as system tests and confirmed by way of test...

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Rittal - The System. Faster - better - worldwide. Maximum efficiency, reduced costs, energy savings. The Rittal strategy: Think in terms of System solutions and provide ONE system for ALL applications - from power distribution and automation, via building installations to IT infrastructure. And offer the customer previously unattained benefits. Industrial enclosures Power distribution Electronic packaging System climate control IT systems Service RITTAL Rittal GmbH & Co. KG Postfach 1662 Օ D-35726 Herborn Tlphone: +49(0)2772 505-0 驕 Telefax: +49(0)2772 505-2319 eMail: Օ...

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