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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level


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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 1

LKH We make more out of plastic. Plastics expertise at the highest level HYBRID TECHNOLOGY MODULE ASSEMBLY

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 3

LKH - your strong partner for mutual success LKH has been one of Germany's leading plastics processors for over 30 years. Everything we do is geared to the benefit of our customers. We think proactively and get involved in your processes from the outset. We use our understanding of customer requirements to develop and manufacture optimum products for your specific application and also ensure we meet delivery deadlines. We have over 180 qualified staff whose expertise you can rely on. The everyday focus of LKH's engineering, project management, production, quality assurance and assembly...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 4

Component development geared to plastics We give you peace of mind for your products right from the initial development phase. We offer you support in preparing the functional and requirement specifications, selecting materials and designing components, including 2D and 3D designs geared specifically to plastics. The need for multifunctionality, lightweight design through material substitution and sustainable use of resources is taken into consideration from the outset. LKH’s scope of services includes: ■ Mouldflow analyses ■ Warpage calculations ■ FEM calculations ■ Rapid prototyping ■...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 6

From idea to award Engineering expertise for complex tasks With the focus firmly on the benefits for customers, all departments at LKH are involved in finding the ideal solution from the very start of the project. At the component development stage, the mould management team continuously checks subsequent feasibility in the mould, while the production team helps design the ideal production processes. Working closely with our customers, we create the basis for sophisticated, high-quality components. Our professional and experienced team tackles even complex requirements to provide you with...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 7

Short development periods and a fast time-to-market are key criteria for our customers in opting for LKH. When developing and producing highly complex and innovative injection-moulded parts and assemblies, LKH therefore draws on a strong network of strategic development partners to fully meet these customer requirements. LKH also has its own technology scouting operation and works with leading research institutes. pro-K award One result of this was the Flex-Block base/plinth system, a modular assembly system that saves switchgear manufacturers time compared with conventional steel solutions...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 8

LKH benefits from ultramodern equipment, including over 50 high-performance injection moulding machines. All our machines have linear handling systems or 5-axis robots to ensure fully automatic parts production around the clock. Materials are supplied via a central, energy-efficient material processing plant. A production data acquisition system is responsible for process monitoring and control. We make over 1,500 different components weighing from just 1 g to 9 kg and process all thermoplastics - from standard PE to high-temperature PPS - in the full range of colours. We have particular...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 9

Manufacture of large components 1,600 t injection moulding machine Shot weight of up to 9 kg 2 exchangeable injection cylinders Cascade control Fully automatic material processing Linear handling system Internal mould pressure monitoring Link to production data acquisition system Component carrier and housing for recessed floor installation Component weight: 6 kg and 4.5 k

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 10

Assembly and quality management The value added factor at LKH Assembly for the perfect component LKH’s support extends beyond the injection moulded part. We are happy to undertake assembly and surface finishing work for our customers – even for the most complex of assemblies and systems – using experienced personnel and fully automated assembly lines. Assemblies comprising 60 separate parts are no problem for us. We also deal with the procurement of bought-in parts and design customised packaging trays. Further services we offer our customers include machining, coating, printing, bonding...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 11

Assembly according to customer specifications End-to-end quality management on customised assembly lines ensuring series quality

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 12

Taking service to the next level Want your product to have a modern design - with a pink ribbon to add the finishing touch if you like - and be delivered to customer centres located across the globe? Not a problem. LKH will also meet your specific packaging and transport requirements. Our services include: ■ Customised packaging trays ■ Transport packaging with customer label ■ Reusable systems (KLT) ■ Just-in-time deliveries When making deliveries to customers, LKH uses modern, standardised TUV-certified logistics processes that enable SAP tracking at any time using handling unit...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 13

Scanner-based use of handling unit management in the SAP R/3 environment

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 14

Industry know-how Satisfied customers are the best reference. polv-clip StSmUffl We carry out challenging projects day in, day out in a great many sectors with numerous prestigious companies and contribute to their success. With extensive know-how in all kinds of sectors, the LKH team is familiar with the specific requirements of the relevant markets. In addition to being a plastics producer with high-performance capacities, we also act as a development partner for our customers - right from the very earliest product planning stage. As one of the leading plastics specialists in Germany and...

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LKH - Plastics expertise at the highest level - 15

■ Power distribution components ■ Climate control units and roof-mounted fans ■ Components for frequency converters ■ Lighting technology ■ Induction cooker housings ■ Enclosure heating systems ■ Control components ■ Fan-and-filter units MULTI COMPONENT PARTS ■ Transport spools for food packaging ■ Heavy-duty headboards for transport systems ■ Housings and gear systems for agricultural engineering ■ Mechanical engineering components ■ Large covers for compressors ■ Housings and filters for sanitary engineering ■ Covers for heating technology ■ Covers for sports grounds MODULE ASSEMBLY

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