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Faster - better - worldwide.

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“Rittal – The System.” Faster – better – worldwide: Everything we do centres around the benefits to you. For you, we have developed a perfectly coordinated system platform that unites innovative products, pioneering engineering solutions and comprehensive service. We plan and implement your infrastructure, ensure reliable power distribution, boost energy efficiency through innovative climate control, and develop complete data centres. Faster System solutions from a single partner The perfect interplay between development, engineering, products and service A single point of contact thanks to...

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SOFTWARE & SERVICES Rittal IT infrastructures

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Engineering & consulting – Concept-based IT power “Rittal – The System. Faster – better – worldwide.” means innovative strength plus IT expertise plus decades of expe- Engineering & consulting rience, all from a single source. Thanks to our intelligently Site evaluation and risk assessment compiled portfolio of solutions, we will continuously supply Design and planning of complete data centres you with ideas, concepts, innovations and the exact Optimisation of existing data centres with regard to energy, costs, processes, security, disaster recovery management and outsourcing IT solution...

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SOFTWARE & SERVICES Rittal IT infrastructures

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IT infrastructures - 6

Data centre construction and IT infrastructures – Perfectly coordinated Rittal drafts, plans and implements high-MTBF data cen- Only infrastructures with coordinated components will tres and IT environments that are super-efficient in every achieve full performance in the long term. Rittal incorporates this into the planning stage, and you will reap the benefits Based on your requirements, our engineers and expert with regard to implementation and service. You will receive planners will devise optimised, perfectly functioning IT modular, scalable solutions from a single source – cooling,...

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SOFTWARE & SERVICES Rittal IT infrastructures

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IT infrastructures - 8

Rittal Global Service – Global security and availability “Everything works perfectly. You needn’t worry about a Service from a single partner thing.” Rittal Global Service ensures your satisfaction, peace of mind and availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a 24/7 service reachability, 365 days a year week, 365 days a year. Wherever you use our products, Highly qualified service specialists Rittal Global Service is there for you! Service technicians on site within 8 hours We are on a worldwide mission to ensure that every aspect Automated incident and emergency management of “Rittal – The...

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SOFTWARE & SERVICES Rittal IT infrastructures

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IT infrastructures - 10

Data centres that are perfect in every detail! A perfect IT environment provides the basis for perfect business. Rittal plans, builds and optimises data centres on your behalf, thereby making an effective and efficient contribution to your corporate success. We will advise you, agree the details with you, and develop solutions that fit down to the smallest detail. The benefits to you: You benefit from the opportunities offered by a complete supplier. From the initial draft, through to the implementation phase and commissioning, you only deal with one point of contact. You have structure and...

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POWER DISTRIBUTION Rittal IT infrastructures 13

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CLIMATE CONTROL 14 Rittal IT infrastructures

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IT infrastructures - 15

NETWORK ENCLOSURES / SERVER RACKS High quality network enclosures and server racks! Rittal network enclosures and server racks adapt to your personal IT task! As a central component of our overall concept, they combine maximum modularity with optimum efficiency. This means that IT enclosures based on our Top enclosure Rittal network enclosures – For all network tasks Rittal server racks – Optimum quality for maximum availability Rittal wall-mounted enclosures – Sizes from 3 U to 21 U Rittal range of accessories – system TS 8 can be carefully tailored to the respective application. You need...

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IT infrastructures - 16

NETWORK ENCLOSURES / SERVER RACKS Network enclosures – As flexible as your applications Rittal network enclosures may be used in virtually limitless applications – as under-desk enclosures, corridor distributors and as network enclosures in high-MTBF data centres. They flexibly adapt to the technical and spatial conditions and situations of your IT systems. With dimensions ranging from 600 x 800 x 600 mm (WHD) to 800 x 2,200 x 1,000 mm, a wide range of applications may be implemented. Our network enclosures easily support the integration of active IT systems and passive network technology...

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IT infrastructures - 17

NETWORK ENCLOSURES / SERVER RACKS Server racks – Freely scalable server solutions Protection, efficiency and maximum availability are the main requirements placed on modern data centres. Rittal server The Rittal server racks side panels, or bayed in a high-performance data centre. Broad application spectrum from 600 x 1,200 x 1,000 mm (W x H x D) to 800 x 2,200 x 1,200 mm (W x H x D) The high load capacity of our rack systems of up to Integrated system, from small server racks to bayed rack suites in the data centre 1,500 kg allows a high server density and the problem- First-class finish...

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IT infrastructures - 18

NETWORK ENCLOSURES / SERVER RACKS 482.6 mm (19˝ ) wall-mounted enclosures – Perfect systems on the wall Should you require network distributors on the wall, we have four special Rittal systems for you: Wall-mounted enclosures EL for industrial environments, VerticalBox, FlatBox and QuickBox for office environments. All enclosures are available in a wide choice of sizes, off the shelf, and thanks to the universal accessories, may Rittal 482.6 mm (19˝ ) wall-mounted enclosures The right enclosure to suit all applications – with and without protection category Sizes available from 3 U to 21 U...

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