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IT infrastructure – Efficiency-boosting solutions Enclosures Power Distribution Climate Control IT Infrastructure Software & Services You can find the contact details of all Rittal companies throughout the world here. IT infrastructure – Efficiency-boosting solutions

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The whole is more than the sum of its parts The same is true of “Rittal – The System.” With this in mind, we have bundled our innovative enclosure, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure products together into a single system platform. Complemented by our extensive range of software tools and global service, we create unique added value for trade and industry: Production plant, test equipment, facility management and data centres. In accordance with our simple principle, “Faster – better – everywhere”, we are able to combine innovative products and efficient service to...

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Your benefits The performance and security of any IT infrastructure is determined to a significant degree by the interaction between individual components. All system components in the Rittal system platform are perfectly coordinated with one another. ◾ Modular system solutions for small to large networks ◾ Comprehensive, complete solutions for power distribution and backup, consistently modular, and flexibly extendible at any time ◾ Optimum energy and cost efficiency with maximum availability of the entire system ◾ Energy-efficient climate control concepts for rack, suite and room cooling...

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RiMatrix S The first standardised data centre Standardised, off-the-shelf modules A single Model Number is all you need to order Fully pre-configured modules in the RiMatrix S a complete RiMatrix S module. series offer a pioneering alternative to building Complete RiMatrix S data centres can be your own data centre. They already include all assembled in next to no time, because all the necessary components such as: modules are available off the shelf. ◾ IT enclosure systems ◾ Power backup and distribution ◾ Climate control ◾ Monitoring and security solutions

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RiMatrix S – The standardised data centre

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IT infrastructure – Fully operational ◾ Pre-configured modules – ready for immediate installation of the IT equipment ◾ Fully functional complete system including server and network enclosures, climate control, power distribution and backup, monitoring and optionally with RiZone, the DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) system ◾ Peace of mind – due to documented system test of the entire module Available within 6 weeks – Complete and off the shelf ◾ Order RiMatrix S with just one model number for the entire data centre ◾ Supplied off the shelf ◾ Lead time from ordering to...

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The standardised data centre is assembled at your premises within the context of hot aisle / cold aisle containment. Benefits: – Enhanced energy efficiency – Aisle containment is a combination of door and roof components which allow consistent separation of the hot and cold air Supply includes: – Advice and ROI calculation – Delivery and integration into the customer infrastructure – Commissioning and handover – Documentation, training and instruction – Hotline and service/service agreements – Precise-fit aisle containment Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: – IP 20 in the protected area...

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The standardised data centre at your premises is equipped with an additional security room (roomwithin-a-room) to provide additional protection from fire, water and smoke. Protection standards: – Fire resistance EI 90 to EN 1363/F 90 to DIN 4102 – Dust- and watertight IP 56 to IEC 60 529 – Protection from unauthorised access – Resistance class II – EMC basic protection – Acrid gas-tightness, based on EN 1634-3 (DIN 18095) – Shock test with 3,000 Nm energy after 30 minutes flame impingement over standard temperature curve Material: – Element core made of thermally effective insulation...

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The standardised data centre is implemented in a container solution and can therefore be sited outdoors if required. Protection standards: – Vandal-proof interior in accordance with Resistance Class II to DIN EN 1631 – Fire resistance EI 30 to EN 1363 – EMC basic protection – Dust- and watertight to IP 55 to IEC 60 529 Supply includes: – Robust sheet steel container with reinforced frame structure for optimum weight distribution – Housed interior wall structure with thermal insulating materials – Advice and ROI calculation – Delivery and integration into the customer infrastructure –...

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The system for customer-specific IT solutions IT components for modern infrastructures The broad range includes If you want to assemble and expand a modular ◾ IT enclosure systems and housings IT system, step by step, you've come to the right place. The RiMatrix system from Rittal offers a huge range of components for flexible configura- tion of forward-looking data centre infrastructu- All components are available off the shelf with short delivery times.

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IT enclosure systems/cases The Rittal TS IT sets global standards in network and server technology. The intelligent modular system comprising a range of racks and accessories, coupled with assembly-friendly snap-in technology, means that almost any requirement for modular network and server racks can be met with a single, standardised rack. Your benefits Network/server enclosures ◾ Individually usable for stand-alone siting and data centres ◾ Complete system solutions for small to large networks ◾ Maximum configuration diversity and protection for installed equipment ◾ Investment protection...

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The benefits at a glance ◾ Individual configuration ◾ Convincing door concept The ideal basis for virtually all network and Glazed door for high-performance server server technology requirements applications with LCP climate control or vented doors for room climate control ◾ High load capacity and variable interior installation ◾ Divided rear doors Load capacity of up to 1,500 kg and tool-free Divided rear doors from a height of 1,800 mm levels. ◾ Intelligent accessories ◾ Tool-free installation System accessory mounting using new, Simple and quick selection of system accessories using the...

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