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Faster - better - worldwide.

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Rittal industry solutions Always a clever system in the background Rittal industry brochure

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Industry solutions - 3

No two industries are the same. Is it possible to be a well-matched partner to all of them? Yes it is, provided you can distinguish the requirements of one industry from those of another. Especially if you know the one thing they all have in common, despite all their differences. We recognise that every industry needs one, unique, tailor-made solution. Because we feel at home in many industry environments, we are able to offer this very benet. Take us at our word. The word is industry solutions. Rittal – The System. Faster – better – worldwide. Our aim is to strengthen your competitive...

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Industry solutions - 4

Industry solutions are system solutions – from the very outset Rittal industry brochure

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Industry solutions - 5

Our strategy is to think in terms of comprehensive system solutions and understand our customers’ needs. Rittal’s sector management team has all the relevant experts. Our work begins with analysis and planning, and ends with individual system solutions based on standardised know-how. An individual system that is sure to impress, due to its logical structure, exible functions, maximum modularity, simple mechanics, direct availability and global presence. Quite simply, Rittal offers all this with a single system. We guarantee comprehensive planning, comprehensive engineering and comprehensive...

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Industry solutions - 6

“Rittal – The System.” supplies the ideal solutions for your worldwide needs Rittal industry brochure

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Industry solutions - 7

Modularity is for “Rittal – The System.” an expression of philosophy: Products and solutions, planning and software, service and support are matched perfectly to each other. We can thus offer you an ideal solution for all your particular requirements. The underlying modular concept enables our market experts to piece together precisely the system you need. And the best thing of all: We can offer you this added value worldwide. Wherever you do business, we are there locally to support you. Around the world: Ⅲ 10 production facilities on 3 continents Ⅲ 63 subsidiaries Ⅲ 40 agencies Ⅲ 100...

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Industry solutions - 8

Solutions for mass production – Prescribed standard in automotive production “Rittal – The System.” means that the various different modules in our comprehensive product range are combined to create individual complete solutions. In the automotive industry, it is a well-known fact that it is the sum total of details that make up the quality of the whole. To this end, Rittal offers enclosure and case technology, efcient climate control, power distribution and backup, as well as planning tools and global service. This translates into convincing technical, organisational and nancial benets for...

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Industry solutions - 9

Ⅲ Project handling, from the initial specication through to delivery Ⅲ Modular enclosure and case technology in conformity with the operating equipment specications of international car manufacturers Ⅲ International project coordination, including third-party suppliers Ⅲ Generation of technical documents, specications and approval lists for solid planning reliability Ⅲ Software tools for demand-based climate control and planning of low-voltage systems Ⅲ Conguration software for the human/machine interface Ⅲ Versatile support arm and operating housings, functional console systems Ⅲ...

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Industry solutions - 10

The automotive industry is a key sector of the German economy. German cars owe their market success to the unremitting innovative strength of Germany’s manufacturers and suppliers. “Rittal – The System.” has proven highly successful throughout virtually all application areas of the automotive industry: from low-voltage power distribution and production control, through to IT infrastructures. Rittal industry brochure

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Industry solutions - 11

Be it Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler, Opel, Porsche or BMW – for years, Rittal has been a system supplier to the German automotive industry. Over the decades, enclosures, housing and climate control solutions from Rittal have become established as standards in the German auto sector. At international level, too, the hightech company from Herborn has made a name for itself as the preferred supplier to many well-known brands. This achievement is mainly based on Rittal’s holistic product range: from TS 8 enclosures, to small and compact enclosures and operating panels, through to power distribution...

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Industry solutions - 12

Energy savings of up to 70 per cent The potential for innovations in enclosure cooling units is far from exhausted. There is still signicant scope for boosting efciency, as veried by a pilot application at Daimler AG in Sindelngen. The automotive manufacturer, one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium cars, put the new energy-saving cooling units from Rittal’s “Blue e” generation through an exhaustive battery of live tests. The outcome revealed that converting more than 250 cooling units to the new energy-saving technology would enable savings of 490 tonnes of CO2 each year – which...

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Industry solutions - 13

For Daimler AG, environmental protection is an integral part of the corporate strategy. The automotive manufacturer’s claim to “Green Technology Leadership” begins with the vehicle technology – hybrid, fuel cell and electric vehicles – and extends into its production plant. For example, at the Sindelngen press plant, with an annual energy consumption of 40,000 megawatt hours, there is signicant potential for improving energy efciency. At this plant, pressed parts are manufactured for virtually the entire vehicle portfolio, which includes Smart, Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. Signicant savings...

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Industry solutions - 14

Outstanding operational reliability – Technology at the highest level “Rittal – The System.” stands for complete system solutions for the aviation industry, combining a high level of effectiveness and maximum operational reliability from a single source – for every requirement, both indoor and outdoor, comprehensive and project-focused. Our complete solution expertise and Rittal’s global delivery and service network are on hand to assist planners, operators, congurators and service partners from the aviation sector. Rittal industry brochure

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