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Hygienic Design - 1

R Extra cleanliness guaranteed Rittal – Hygienic Design

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Hygienic Design - 2

2 Rittal Hygienic Design The Rittal Hygienic Design for food safety is based on: œ Machinery Directive (Directive 98/37/EC) Food Machinery section, Appendix 1, point 2.1 (to be replaced by 2006/42/EC) œ DIN EN 1672-2:2005 Food machinery – General design principles – Part 2: Hygiene requirements œ DIN EN ISO 14 159 Machine safety – Hygiene requirements pertaining to the design of machinery œ Document 13 EHEDGGuideline to the hygienic design of apparatus for open processes, prepared in collaboration with 3-A and NSF International Become cleaner better and more productive – with Rittal...

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Hygienic Design - 3

Rittal Hygienic Design 3 Cleaning and disinfection Hygiene checks and the monitoring of cleaning processes have revealed that the use of high pressure washing harbours the risk of organic contaminants (fats or proteins) entering niches and being more widely distributed. For this reason, pressures are being significantly reduced. Decide for yourself what is important: œ High pressure-resistant design A labyrinth in front of the seal or multiple screw-fastening of the lid or door to the enclosure, to enable the use of high pressure hosing of up to 120 bar, whether static or manual. As well as...

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Hygienic Design - 4

4 Rittal Hygienic Design Make existing plant more hygienic. This saves time with cleaning and disinfection, i.e. downtime is reduced, or plant productivity is increased, provided ... Optimise existing machines and systems The growing incidence of food poisoning and food product recalls caused by microbial, physical or chemical contamination underscore the need for reliable hygiene standards. ... the wall-mounted devices and enclosures are installed at a distance for cleaning purposes. With the HD wall spacer bracket. … enclosures with cable entry from below are mounted on the new HD...

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Hygienic Design - 5

Rittal Hygienic Design 5 ... the new HD levelling feet eliminate the need for adjustment with external threads. ... the polyamide or brass cable entry with external thread is replaced by the new HD stainless steel cable gland. ... the standard flat roofs in TS 8 enclosures are replaced by a sloped attachment. ... terminal boxes (Premium- KL IP 69K), used e.g. as socket outlets, are mounted on the wall at 45° instead of horizontally. BECOME CLEANER, BETTER AND MORE PRODUCTIVE – WITH RITTAL HYGIENIC DESIGN When it comes to the increasing demands of food safety, stainless steel enclosures and...

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Hygienic Design - 6

Hygienic Design Features 6 Rittal Hygienic Design Rittal Hygienic Design (HD) enclosures are key elements in the design of open processes in the food industry and clean rooms with an emphasis on ease of cleaning. Also the hygiene conditions of stainless steel cases and enclosures are decisively optimised with Hygienic Design system accessories. Added cleanliness guaranteed! 1 2 3 6 4 5 7 4 1 2 3 4 The roof, which is tilted forwards by 30°, prevents objects from being deposited on it, is easily inspected, and allows fluids to drain off rapidly. The large roof projection with the overhang...

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Hygienic Design - 7

Compact enclosures HD, single-door Hygienic Design Rittal Hygienic Design 7 Material: Enclosure and door: Stainless steel Mounting plate: Sheet steel Lock inserts HD: Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) Seal: Conforms to FDA Guideline 21 CFR 177.2600 Surface finish: Enclosure and door: Brushed, grain 400, RA< 0.8 ìm Mounting plate: Zinc-plated Protection category: IP 66 to EN 60 529 Supply includes: Enclosure of all-round solid construction, door with press-fitted seal, interchangeable door hinge Detailed drawing, see page 19. F G T H2 B H1 Width (B) mm Packs of 220 390 390 510 610 610 810...

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Hygienic Design - 8

Hygienic Design Make TS 8 baying systems more hygienic 8 Rittal Hygienic Design Sloped attachment HD For TS 8 For retro-fitting individual or bayed TS 8 enclosures of spray-finished sheet steel or stainless steel. Properties: œ Height, front: 35 mm. œ Roof projection, front: 8 mm. œ Maximum possible opening at the baying point to the adjacent roof. Protection category: IP 55 to EN 60 529, complies with NEMA 12. Supply includes: Assembly parts and all required seals. Version Packs of Model No. HD Stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304), brushed, grain size 400 1 4000.039 Stainless steel 1.4404...

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Hygienic Design - 9

Accessories Hygienic Design Rittal Hygienic Design 9 Levelling feet HD Material: Stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) Supply includes: Assembly parts and seals. Benefits in detail: The threaded spindle for levelling is completely concealed by a cover, and permanently sealed, thereby eliminating the time-consuming work of cleaning and disinfecting the thread. Floor angles of up to 10° can be compensated. For enclosures Levelling range mm Base mount Packs of Model No. HD TS 8 (M12) 120 – 175 without 4 4000.200 with 4 4000.210 Compact enclosures HD (M12) 120 – 175 without 2 4000.220 with 2...

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Hygienic Design - 10

Hygienic Design Accessories 10 Rittal Hygienic Design Cam lock HD Hygienic Design variant for easy, safe cleaning. Applications: œ Compact enclosures AE stainless steel (except AE 1017.XXX and AE 1019.XXX). œ May be integrated into customised applications, e.g. covers of machine panels. Material: Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) Accessories: Enclosure key HD, see page 10. Ø 28 17 27 5.5 20 15 2.5 6.5 SW 27 19 35 18.5 Ø 22.3 Packs of Model No. HD 1 2304.010 Lock insert HD Version F Hygienic Design version. Applications: œ Baying system TS 8 œ PC enclosure systems, based on TS 8 œ...

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Hygienic Design - 11

Accessories Hygienic Design Rittal Hygienic Design 11 B1 Rails for interior installation for compact enclosures HD For mounting on the existing threaded bolts. With TS system punchings on three sides. Material: Sheet steel, zinc-plated, passivated Supply includes: Assembly parts. Length mm Packs of Model No. CM/HD 260 2 4000.500 510 4 5001.050 710 4 5001.051 910 4 5001.052 1110 4 5001.053 Interior installation, door Enclosure Model No. HD 1307.600/.500 HD 4000.500 – – – HD 1308.600/.500 HD 1310.600/.500 – HD 4000.500 – – HD 1316.600/.500 CM 5001.052 – CM 5001.050 CM 5001.050 HD...

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