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Energy efficiency by design


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Energy efficiency by design - 2

2 Rittal Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency by design - 3

Rittal Energy Efficiency 3 IT infrastructure Intelligent coordination, e.g. between servers and the capacities of UPS and climate cooling, enhances both energy efficiency and productivity. Innovative, energy-efficient climate control and UPS concepts require: œ Dimensioning in accordance with precise limit value specifications œ Exact, demand-based control œ Efficient redundancy œ Preventive monitoring and control Production infrastructure Effective cooling, despite fluctuating ambient temperatures and variable heat losses, demands targeted interaction of the following components: œ Climate...

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Energy efficiency by design - 4

4 Rittal Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency by design - 5

Rittal Energy Efficiency 5 “Energy wasters”, such as overdimensioned cooling systems, inappropriately configured controllers, contaminated components and inefficient UPS systems, are to be found lurking everywhere. We track down your savings potential. œ Systematic and time-based analyses œ Thermography œ CFD analysis The results of analysis are incorporated into an optimisation concept elaborated together with your own specialists. The outcome: œ A plan of action with transparent cost-benefit analysis œ Guaranteed faster ROI œ Financial savings œ Improved availability of IT systems and...

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Energy efficiency by design - 6

6 Rittal Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency by design - 7

Rittal Energy Efficiency 7 Cool Efficiency and Thermoelectric Cooler In autonomous use, Rittal cooling units are masters of maximum efficiency for rack and enclosure climate control. œ Up to 45% energy savings for the same cooling capacity œ Money in your pocket and good for the environment This efficiency can be enhanced further still by intelligent, demandbased control and targeting routing of the air to the important hot spots. Complete liquid cooling solutions Energy savings in IT and production with products featuring exemplary energy efficiency and intelligent control. œ Recooling...

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Energy efficiency by design - 8

Rittal GmbH & Co. KG Postfach 1662 D-35726 Herborn Telephone: +49(0)2772 505-0 Telefax: +49(0)2772 505-2319 eMail: Rittal – The System. Faster – better – worldwide. Maximum efficiency, reduced costs, energy savings. Rittal’s strategy says think in terms of system solutions and provide a system for all applications – from power distribution and automation, to building installation, through to the IT infrastructure. And offer your customers unprecedented benefits. 05/10 E50C Industrial enclosures Power distribution Electronic packaging System climate control IT...

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