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We create reliable systems. Rittal Electronic Systems the complete know-how

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When there are no barriers to performance,

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Rittal’s Electronics Division Reliable solutions depend on expertise in every detail, be it standard or customised. As one of the leading suppliers in the systems sector, Rittal Electronic Systems meets every requirement in the field of electronic packaging – from the integration of innovative components, through to complete plug & play solutions. For telecommunications, industrial automation, medical, transport and security technology. Perfect implementation, and a global presence The result is always the same: a performance which meets market-specific and standard-related requirements as...

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A global presence demands perfect organisation and local strength. Rittal Electronic Systems achieves both, thereby combining customer proximity with global service. To this end, we use the Rittal worldwide distribution network with more than 150 sales and logistics centres. This guarantees immediate availability for customers, as well as an outstanding maintenance and spare parts service covering all four corners of the globe. For precise market knowledge and on-site advice tailored to your specific requirements, there are centres of excellence and production sites based at strategically...

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Waterloo /Toronto (Canada) Specialising in: The development and production of electronic components. The centre of excellence in Canada provides centralised support to customers in North America. Services provided by plant include the development of system solutions tailored customer-specific requirements, the mass production of systems, and the production of backplanes for electronic packaging. The subsidiary Jardon Engineering in Tustin /California responsible for the design and layout of backplanes and PCBs. Shanghai (China) Specialising in: Production engineering, production of...

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Where high availability and maximum one thing gives peace Requirements. There is a growing trend for the standardisation of computing platforms. The benefits include: Cost-effectiveness, maximum availability of 99.999 percent, more flexible design of the components, manufacturer independence, and faster market launches. This requirement profile is met in full by the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture Standard (ATCA), an advancement of the modular CompactPCI standard. Specially developed for the telecommunications industry, ATCA is sure to impress with its exceptional availability,...

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Solutions. We integrate complete system solutions based on the VME, CompactPCI, ATCA and MicroTCA platforms in order to develop end products such as telephone systems, call logging and charging systems, voice mail or carrier grade applications. The components are combined into a complete plug & play system, including wiring, climate control technology, software integration, power supply and backplane. A range of application-specific climate control solutions – from direct CPU cooling to effective enclosure cooling – ensure that your electronics function reliably, even with very high power...

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Electronic Systems - the complete know how - 8

If complexity governs the flexible solutions Requirements. In process and production automation, the links with information technology and related standards are responsible for the growing complexity of automation solutions. The consequence: Increased requirements e.g. on the real-time response of bus systems in factory automation. A further development is the more widespread use of CompactPCI control, monitoring and visualisation tasks, alongside the popular VMEbus standard. The demands for flexibility may be high, yet budgets are limited. 8 Industrial automation.

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Electronic Systems - the complete know how - 9

Solutions. For perfect system integration of VME, VME64x, CompactPCI and future CompactPCI-Express applications, Rittal Electronic Systems offers a range of modular rack-mounted systems which may be configured to suit the respective requirements. The performance spectrum includes: Mechanical systems, backplanes, power packs, EMC measures, wiring, tests and checks, thermal management as well as system surveillance, networking and monitoring. Services. market, are the answer. • Customised plug & play solutions VME and CompactPCI • Industrial PCs • 482.6 mm (19½) TFTs and keyboards...

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You need optimum protection. We Requirements. Whether in the recovery room, intensive care ward or operating theatre, all electronics used in the medical sector subject to demanding requirements. The stringent hygiene and safety provisions, particularly in the intensive care sector, are a key factor. Other considerations include protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI), high thermal loads, caused by escalating data transmission rates and growing data volume requirements, particularly in medical and image-processing information technology. 10 Medical technology.

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Solutions. Specially developed for use in extreme environments, enclosure solutions from Rittal Electronic Systems provide perfect protection from particles, humidity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) for the installed electronics. As well as ensuring a high level of functional reliability, the enclosure solutions also offer impressive ergonomics, to allow optimum monitoring and operation of the equipment. For reliable heat dissipation, there are innovative climate control solutions available. offer even more: Perfectly integrated system technology. Services. • MPS systems • Industrial...

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Where every signal is significant, one aspect Requirements. Traffic guidance systems are directly linked to human safety and the protection of goods. The demands on electronics are correspondingly high; the principal applications include traffic control and information systems. Particularly the rail sector, resistance to shock and vibration is decisive – the highly sensitive electronics must operate faultlessly even under constant acceleration and permanent vibration. 12 Traffic guidance systems.

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