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Rittal – Connector gland

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Less is more – systematic cable entry Rittal – Connector gland

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Flexible gland system for pre-assembled cables ● Simple cable entry for up to 10 pre- assembled cables. ● To replace cables, it is generally sufficient to release a single sealing module; in case of larger connectors, simply remove further modules. ● The sealing frame remains in place on the enclosure during service and in case of expansion. Sealing modules fixed on cables by way of vibrationresistant clamps ● Modules can remain on the cables even if equipment needs to be dismantled for transport. ● Risks of inadvertent swapping or lost Only 4 sealing modules necessary for cable diameters 4...

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Connector gland - 4

Connector gland The Rittal connector gland proves that sometimes “less is more”: significantly faster installation, a flexible sealing system for different cable diameters and simple cable entry with pre-assembled cables. Low installation costs, a high degree of protection and flexible cable management – added value guaranteed with the latest generation of cable entry solutions from Rittal. Benefits: ● Cable diameters 4 – 16 mm ● Simple cable entry for pre-assembled cables ● Individual cables can be added or replaced without dismantling the sealing frame ● Sealing modules remain safely...

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