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Ritmo meets all your welding needs in your jobsite

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RITMO RITMO WORLDWIDE Ritmo has professional distributors and resellers all over the world. Our staff is ready to assist you in English, Spanish, French, German, Arab, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. TRAINING From many years now, we have decided that the best way to grant a client/ distributor a perfect knowledge of our products Is to invest in custom training, in our own premises. These courses are aimed to teach how to operate the products in the best way, and how to supply the “first aid” when necessary. PRESALES TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE When a client or a potential client wants to buy us a...

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RADIUS 40 - 315 RADIUS 40-315 is designed to perform saddle cuts on plastic pipes made of HDPE, PP, PVC. The saw performs precise radial cuts, and thanks to a trolley that slide gradually on a scaled instrument, allows a fast configuration of the cutting radius. Even the pipe support can slide and block small pieces of pipes down to 15 cm length (6"). The saw rotation during cutting is executed manually and in complete safe conditions since the control panel and its handles are located behind the machine away from the cutting area. This machine is not suitable to cut different materials...

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RITMO S.p.A. Via A. Volta, 35/37 - 35037 Bresseo di Teolo (PADOVA) ITALY Ph. +39 049 9901888 Fax +39 049 9901993 www. ritmo. it The information and photos in this publication are not binding and RITMO S.P.A. is free to make any alterations without prior notice.

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