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V6 Paddle Flow Switch Riels® Instruments

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PADDLE FLOW SWITCH FLOW CONTROLS V6 Paddle flow switch Surprisingly compact, the V6 Riels flow switch is specially designed to monitor flow rates of liquids, gases or air in the piping diameter 1/2 "-2". It can be easily adapted to pipelines 1/4 "and 3/8" by special fittings. It is equipped with a solid structure and designed to operate without long-term disadvantages. The lower body constructed with a stainless steel or brass bar; is sealing and prevents the process fluid comes into contact with the upper body. There are not mechanical transmissions, the flow switch is magnetically actuated and is explosion-proof. The lower body contains the paddle and a magnet which controls its operating switch in a separate container at the top. Maintenance is easy The entire electrical assembly can be removed for inspection or replacement without shutting down the pipeline. Installation is also easy Just insert the T fitting in the conduct, completing the electrical connections and the connection of the pipeline. The V6 model UL and CSA certified for explosion-proof version - Class I, Groups A *, B, C and D and Class II Groups E, F and G. The CSA and CENELEC models are equipped with an explosion-proof junction box. *Group A, only stainless steel body - From 1/2 "- 2" - Explosion-proof, UL, CSA, ATEX - Maximum pressure 140 Bar - Maximum temperature 105 ° C - Brass or stainless steel - Low flow rates version All data and contents of this sheet are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments Working The operation is simple and reliable. In most applications, the switch is normally closed in the presence of flow. When the flow slows or stops, the spring returns the blade in the rest position, actuating the switch for starting or stopping of electric motors, pumps, actuating a damper or valve; turn off a burner or activate an alarm or a signal. It controls sequential operations of the pumps and protects unattended-equipment from damages. Used in a wide range of applications Chemical treatments, air conditioning, refrigeration, boilers, heating process, cooling pipes, compressors, machinery liquid conveying, water treatment, fire extinguishers, fuel oil pumps, pipelines lubricating oil, food plants, mixing processes, machine tools. Technical features Temperature Max: Working Pressure: Electrical Performance: MV version: MT version: Elettrical Connections: Switch Body: Paddle: Process Connection: Installation: Weight: Executions: 105 ° C. 205 ° C High temperature options (not for UL, CSA, or CENELEC) Up to 138 bar (see table). UL 5A @ 125/250 VAC: CSA model and CENELEC 5A @ 125/250 VAC; 5A resistive, inductive 3A @ 30V dc 1A @ 125 Vca. 205°C 5A @ 125/250 Vca (not UL, CSA o CENELEC). UL / CSA n. 3 free wires in the output section 18 g, length 460 mm. CENELEC / CSA: with terminal block. Lower container (wetted part): a choice of brass or stainless steel. Top container: choice of brass (standard) or stainless steel. Stainless Steel T from 1/2 "to 2" came with the machine. For pipes 1/4 "and 3/8" use the flow switch 1/2 "with suitable fittings. install with the arrow pointing in the direction of flow. Mounting in any position. 0.9-2.7 Kg according to the type of construction. Atex (optional) 0344 II 2 G EEx d IIC T6 Process Temp < 75°C Approximate flows of activation-deactivation for Air

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All data and contents of this sheet are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments V6 Series for low flows - Min/Max action flows on 1/2" pipes Activation    I

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