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UAL358 and SAL500 Antiflood Detector Riels® Instruments

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ANTIFLOOD DETECTOR LEVEL CONTROLS Activates alarm if water on floor Inputs: up to 3 sensors for water detection Outputs : – 1 SPDT relay – 1 On-Off optoisolated electronic control Alarm in three-module enclosure for mounting on DIN rail Power supply 230 Volt ~ Application The flood alarm is for use in spaces where water leakages could occur; leakages which, if not dealt with in time,could lead to hazardous situations or cause serious material damage. A typical use for this alarm is to detect the presence of water on the floor of a heating plant. The alarm comprises two units: • • UAL 358 : the detector which signals the alarm and sends the output instructions, SAL 500 : this is the sensor which monitors the presence of water or other liquids having a minimum conductivity of 60 MicroSiemens. All data and contents of this card are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments The mineral water with a low content of residues has a conductivity of about 150 MicroSiemens. Normal aqueduct water has a minimum of about 100 MicrSiemens. Overall dimensions - UAL 358 detector Protective cover for electronic components Base with transformer, relay and terminal blocks Screws for securing base and cover DIN rail securing elements DIN rail release lever Water detector poles Screw-hole for wall Detector front panel Power supply LED Alarm status LED (Alarm = LED lit) Alarm memory LED (Alarm = LED lit) Technical data Electrical: Power supply Frequency Consumption Radio disturbances Vibration test Voltage-free output contacts: Maximum switched voltage Maximum switched current Control optoisolated output : Maximum switched voltage Maximum switched current Construction standards Mounting Protection Materials   base   cover Ambient temperature:   Operating   Storage Ambient humidity Weight SAL 500 sensor: on DIN 35 rail IP 40 NYLON ABS Protection Enclosure Weight

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Installation UAL 538 detector: This must be installed in a dry location that respects the ambient conditions given under 5.TECHNICAL DATA. If installed in a location classified as “Hazardous” it must be installed in a cabinet for electrical equipment constructed according to the regulations in force for the class of danger concerned. The controller can be mounted on a DIN rail and housed in a standard DIN enclosure. SAL 500 sensor: This can be secured to the floor and in this position the poles detect the presence of water at a height of two millimetres. If it is preferred to measure the...

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