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Bourdon temperature switch Weatherproof execution Electric construction Electric construction: weatherproof Degree of protection IP65 (NEMA 4). Electrical safety class: class I (EN61298-2:1997-06) Protection mode (option): Intrinsically Safety Case and cover from AISI series 300 stainless steel drawn sheet; bayonet cover fitted with tamper-resistant lock. Cable entry: 1/2-14 NPT-F std. - opt. (see point 5 overleaf). Terminal block: screw-type terminals suitable also for ring terminals. MIL-UL insulating material. Earthing screws: one inside, one outside. Max section of earthing wires: 4 mm2. Electric contacts (See point 1.2 overleaf). One or two microswitch SPDT, with fixed or adjustable dead band. The function DPDT is obtained by two micro SPDT with simultaneous action to within 0,2% of span. Thermal element Inert gas filled system (classification SAMA NIB) consist of: Bulb AISI 31 6. Connection AISI 304 compression fitting with adjustable insertion length. Capillary AISI 3 16 with stainless steel flexible armor From -30 a +600°C (see point 2 overleaf). Adjustable throughout the range and, in case of two microswitches, inde- Repeatability: better than 0,5% of span. Note: when the set point is very close (less then 10% of span) to normal temperature, the device must be installed in a vibration free location, and mechanical shocks must be avoided. - Direct, stem type B. - Remote at surface (std.) or 2" pipe (with optional bracket), stem type C Ambient temperature (operative limits1): Certified according to Directive B.T 73/23 CEE ed 93/68 CEE Directive ATEX 94/9 EC Group II Cat. I GD Annex III and IV. GAS Ex-ia DUST Ex-iaD REMOTE (STEM TYPE "C") Riels Instruments Sri . W +39 049 896I77I - A +39 049 7l7368

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Model code - Setting range - Pressure connection thread - Cable entry thread - Options if any - Versions. Example: [TWGCUN - K 2 m - 0/100°C -1/2-14 NPT-M -1/2-14 NPT-F| MODEL CODE Stem type B: max. range 0/400°C, continues working temperature max 250°C (only with bulb diameter 12 mm). The insertion length (dimension Y, see drawing) can be varied up to (K'150) mm THE LENGTH K available will be reduced accordingly. Scientific Apparatus Makers Association Classification of the thermal system. PROOF TEMPERATURE U = micro UN, US, UO, UG D = micro DN, DS, DO, DG R = micro UR BULB CONNECTIONS...

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