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Local inert gas thermometers Series TQX These gauges are particulary suitable in the food and pharmaceutical industry, since no mer- cury is present.They are completely in stainless steel and can be mounted without restric- TQX I Direct, bottom stem. TQX3 Direct, back stem. TQXO Direct, adjustable angle stem. Design features CASE AND RING: AISI 304 stainless steel with bayonet clutch. SENSITIVE ELEMENT:__inert gas system._ PROCESS CONNECTION:__G 1/2" A threaded sliding male._ BULB:__cylindrical in AISI 316 S.S. 0 11 mm - length upon request. MOVEMENT AISI 304 stainless steel POINTER: _ black anodized aluminium; zero adjustament WINDOW: glass 3 mm thick WINDOW GASKET nitrile rubber NBR ACCURACY:__Class 1 according to EN 13190 in the range of measure DIAL:__white aluminium with black scale and graduation;_range of measure indicated from two ▼ Range [°C] | Scale Interval [°C] Range [°C] | Scale Interval [°C] Range [°C] | Scale Interval [°C] Range [°C] | Scale Interval [°C] Technical characteristics OVER TEMPERATURE: 20% V.F.S.V. up to 160°C 10% V.F.S.V. over MAX WORKING PRESSURE:__25 bar (without thermowell)_ DEGREE OF PROTECTION: IP 55 according to EN 60529 • BULB: 0 8 mm (length of sensitive part IOO mm) 0 6 mm (length of sensitive part I 50 mm) • SPIRAL BULB: (external 0 18 mm - length of sensitive part IOO mm) • PROCESS CONNECTION:Turning and sliding male thread 1/2" NPT Turning and sliding female thread G l/2"-G3/4"- 1/2" NPT • FILLING LIQUID: Glycerol (Tamb. 5-65 °C -Tproc. max I 60 °C) or silicone oil (Tamb. -30-80 °C -Tproc. max 250 °C) • THERM OWELLS • ELECTRIC OR INDUCTIVE CONTACTS (For DN IOO - I 50) Riels Instruments Sri . W +39 049 8961771 - A +39 049 7l7368 .www.riels.it. info@riels.it

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Sensitive part The'S' dimension must be determined so that the sensitive part of the bulb is completely immersed in the process fluid. H I for temperature of full scale more than 250 °C When ordering pis. specify: Model, Mounting, Dial, Range, Pressure connection, Bulb length, Option and accessories Example:TQX I DN 100 0/100 °C sliding male G l/2"G I/2" 100 mm Filling liquid Riels Instruments Sri . W +39 049 896I77I - A +39 049 7l7368 .www.riels.it. info@riels.it

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