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DIAL LEVEL INDICATOR Dial level indicator The dial level indicator has been designed for the level measurement of liquids in small and high tanks. Its operation is based on a clock gears movement of highest precision that assure a local indication with high accuracy and repeatability. Two mechanisms have been planned in order to have two reading scale with single or double pointer. The instruments doesn't need any electrical supply. The main characteristics are the reliability and the strength. Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprietà esclusiva di Riels Instruments General technical features - Head in Aluminium epoxy coated - Protection degree: IP65 - Head process connection: 70 mm std. - Head extension: on request - Electric connection: M16/M20/1/2" NPT - Guide tube: AISI 316L - Float: AISI 316L - Accuracy: ± 5 mm on the complete range - Repeatability: ± 2,5 mm - ATEX certificate II 1/2 GDc T6 Working conditions - Specific gravity: ≥ 0,60 Kg/dm3 - Viscosity: 100 CP max - Std. Temperature: -20°C+85°C - Max Temperature: +300°C (High temperature version, with only indication) Specifications Models Characteristics Head diameter (mm) Reading dial diameter (mm) Single scale - Range Resolution Nr. pointers 160 130 0÷ 3m 10 mm 1 0÷ 100 cm (exsternal black sector) 0÷ 5 m (internal red sector) 5 mm 2 3/4” GAS M Flange UNI / ANSI 85 / 105 25 - Guide tube in PVC - Float in PVC - Scale in percentage - Extension for guide tube 220 180 / / / 0÷ 100 cm (exsternal black sector) 0÷ 10 m / 0÷ 20 m (internal red sector) 5 mm 2 1 ” GAS F Flange UNI / ANSI 140 / 300 16 Double scale - Ranges Resolution Nr. pointers Standard process connection Process connections on request Float diameter (mm) Design pressure (barg) Options - Accessories for head installed at the basement. - Scale percentage Floats characteristics Type Cylindrical Spherical Spherical Spherical

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Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprietà esclusiva di Riels Instruments Typical installation- Model TLQ/S Typical installation- Model TLQ/H Accessories for models TLQ/S and TLQ/H 4÷20mA Transmitter (two wires): - Standard employment version - Intrinsically Safe (ATEX Exia IIC T6) version - SMART/HART protocol version - SMART/HART protocol and Intrinsically Safe (ATEX Exia IIC T6) version Digital output (level alarms): - 1÷4 Mechanical microswitches with SPDT contacts - 1÷2 Mechanical microswitches with SPDT contacts, Explosion-Proof type (ATEX Exd IIC T6) - 1÷4...

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