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Bourdon Temperature Switches Explosionproof Execution Electric construction Degree of protection: IP65 (NEMA 4). - Dust-protected enclosure: Ex-tD A2I IP65T85 andTI 35 Electrical safety class: class I (EN61298-2:1997-06) Case and cover copper free aluminium alloy, threaded coupling with tam- per proof device. Epoxy exterior painting. Cable entry: 1/2-14 NPT-F std. - opt. (see point 5 overleaf). Terminal block: screw-type terminals suitable also for ring terminals. MIL-UL Insulating material. Earthing screws: one Inside, one outside. Max section of earthing wires: 4 mm2. Electric contacts (See point I. I overleaf). One or two mlcroswltch SPDT, with fixed or adjustable dead band. The function DPDT Is obtained by two micro SPDT with simultaneous action to within 0,2% of span. Thermal element Inert gas filled system (classification SAMA NIB) consist of Bulb AISI 316, Connection AISI 304 compression fitting with adjustable Insertion length, Capillary AISI 3 I 6 with stainless steel flexible armor from -30 a +600°C (see point 2 overleaf). Adjustable throughout the range and, In case of two mlcroswltches, Inde- Repeatability: better than 0,5% of span. Note: when the set point Is very close (less then 10% of span) to normal temperature, the device must be Installed In a vibration free location, and mechanical shocks must be avoided. - Remote at surface (std.) or 2" pipe (with optional bracket), Ambient temperature (operative limits1): Certified according to Directive ATEX 94/9/EC Group II Category 2GD Annex lll+IV ^^^^ \kSiJlfO Riels Instruments Sri . W +39 049 896I77I - A +39 049 7l7368 .www.riels.it. info@riels.it

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Model code - Setting range - Pressure connection thread - Cable entry thread - Options if any - Versions. Example: [TAGUN - K 2 m - 0/100°C -1/2-14 NPT-M -1/2-14 NPT-F| Electric Contacts

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