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RIL660 Visual Level gauges with variable position sensors Riels Instruments

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VISUAL LEVEL WITH SENSORS LEVEL Visual Level gauges with variable position sensors Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments The visual level gauges RIL660 VisuLevel allow the liquid level to be checked in a clear and precise way at any time. Principle used: The principle used is that of communicating vessels: the liquid goes through the level gauge by means of hollow screws, showing the user the exact point inside the tank. Through a full range of components our level gauges can meet the most particular needs, at a limited cost. The level gauges can be equipped with tap that stop the flow of liquid from the tank to the gauge. The C/C distances of 127+4000 mm supplied meet the needs of all customers. In this way they can be interchangeable with the level gauges available on the market and, above all, “custom made” according to needs. The “U” protection screen is normally ftted in order to obtain visibility on the front part of the level gauge, but if necessary it can be turned 90° to obtain visibility on the right or left. The float sliding in the tube excites one or more bistable Reeds (or in memory) that close the contact in sequence. The contact opens again only when the fl oat carries out the reverse path. Each sensor can be placed as required along the axis of the level gauge. The sensors can be NO (normally open) in presence of liquid (closed in absence of liquid), NC (normally closed) in presence of liquid (open in absence of liquid), or EXCHANGE. Maximum operating pressure, with Pyrex glass tube, 35 bar: Operation: The float sliding in the tube, excites 1 or more bistable reeds (or in memory) which close the contact in sequence. The contact will re-open only when the float will complete the route reverse. Each sensor can be placed at will along the level axis. The sensors can be N.A. (normally open) in the presence of liquid (closed in the absence of liquid), N.CH. (normally closed) in presence of liquid (open in the absence of liquid), or EXCHANGE (without memory). Technical advantages: - Constant and continuous indication of the liquid level up to 4000 mm - Activation, by means of sensors, of additional controls Options: - Up to 4 electrical alarm contacts - Simple electric contacts or in exchange - With adjustment tap - With bimetal thermometer - With PTI00 or PTI000 temperature sensor - Material of methacrylate, polycarbonate or pyrex glass ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS    SPST CONTACT SPDT CONTACT COMMUTABLE VOLTAGE    230 VDC/VAC    150 VDC/VAC

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