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RIL600 Magnetic Level Indicators Riels Instruments

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MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATORS LEVEL CONTROLS Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments RIL600-V and RIL600 Magnetic Level Indicators Riels RIL600-V and Riels RIL600 magnetic level indicators have been designed for optical viewing of liquid levels in most industrial applications. They are also suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications and the range is complemented by having a pharmaceutical grade option available when requested. The indicators can be equipped with electrical contacts or with a potentiometer transmitter for full automation of process management, including pressurised tanks, vats, boilers, for the control of pumps, valves and alarm systems. Standards and certification Riels RIL600-V and Riels RIL600 magnetic level indicators comply with the following European Directives: - PED 97 / 23 / EC - up to Class IV (plastic materials excluded). - ATEX 94/9/EC (for electrical equipment only). - 73 / 23 CEE (for electrical equipment only). - Products intended for use in the Naval and Marine sectors are RINA and M.M.I (Italian navy) approved. - Gost R Mounting Riels RIL600-V and Riels RIL600 magnetic level indicators are installed on the side of the tank (bypass system) or vertically on the top of the tank. RIL600 Indicator body sizes Steel 25    0 tube 25 - R type only (mounting on the top of the tank) 70    0 tubo 76 - Maximum pressure 6 bar g Models Materials PARTE    MATERIALI 4    Two colour indicator 5    Two colour rollers 304 / 316L / 316Ti / PVC / PP / PVDF/316Ti Neutral or graduated Polycarbonate or Pyrex Plastic or alnico Plastic or aluminium 316L / 316Ti / Titanio / Hastelloy PVC / PP / PVDF RIL600 R Top connection. Indicator for tanks or vats that are difficult to access, and in the event of especially viscous fluids, covering liquids, sludge. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel or plastics. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel. Specifically designed to control methane-gas odorant

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Side process connections horizontally to the process (types LL, LF, LT) - Flanged (FL) EN - ASME/ANSI - Screwed (TH) - Socket weld (SW) Top and bottom process connections vertical to the process (types TF, LF, LT) - Flanged (FL) EN - ASME/ANSI - Screwed (TH) - Socket weld (SW) Drainage and vent types Design conditions Dimensions / weights (approximate) in mm and Kg PMA - Maximum allowable pressure Specific gravity of fluid < 120 bar < 6 bar > 0,8 kg/l > 0,5 kg/l T< 230°C T< 350°C Specific gravity of fluid Steel Plastic Steel and plastic Buna N / Titanio Polycarbonate Aluminium

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Valves The indicators are supplied with a hole and ss plug or with a A" drainage valve. A vent can also be supplied on request. Isolation valves between the indicator attachments and the tank should be installed to aid maintenance work. Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments Accessories Contacts Bistable SPDT or DPDT contacts, fixed onto the guide system fitted outside of the indicator body. Also available in explosion-proof type, ATEX II 1/2 G Ex d IIC T6, or intrinsically safe Ex-ia ATEX 94/9/EC Ex-ia/G/Gost. Protection degree...

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A potentiometer is placed in the vertical weather-proof tube outside the level indicator. The total resistance of a known value is measured at the ends of this potentiometer The float, following the liquid level trend, activates the potentiometer's reed contact chain through its own magnetic field, locally closing the signal. The total value of the resistance is measured 100% at its maximum level and 0% at its minimum level. The end poles of the potentiometer are connected to a converter that transforms the input value into Ohm and the output into mA. Converter's housings Three types of...

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How to request and order the RIL600 Each unit is identified by an alphanumeric code that defines the construction characteristics that are best suited to the application. Please indicate the following information for the correct configuration of the product. 1. type of fluid: 2. fluid temperature (min and max): 3. working pressure: 4. interaxis between the holes: 5. tank construction material: 6. Is a continuous measurement of the level or of the on/off contacts required?: 7. preference of flanged connection, threaded or to weld?: 8. Installation area (safe area or ATEX)?: How to order...

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