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RIL100 Electronic submersion level transmitter Riels® Instruments

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ELECTRONIC LEVEL LEVEL TRANSMITTER CONTROLS RIL100 Electronic submersion level transmitter All data and contents on this sheet are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments The Riels ® RILI00 hydrostatic level meter is a compact measuring device containing a silicon strain gauge in a stainless steel probe body A multipolar cable comes out of the probe housing, equipped with a tube for compensation with atmospheric pressure. RIL100 is suitable for continuous measurement of the level of non-aggressive liquids, without impurities (solid), in non-pressurized tanks, wells, tanks and pools. It is also used in industrial and naval applications to measure the level of diesel fuel. The installation is carried out by letting the probe descend into the area to be measured (tanks, wells) and can remain hanging on the cable or reclining on the bottom of the tank. • The cable includes a system for air compensation (capillary), so the connection must be made in the non hermetic junction box. • In tanks where there are strong turbulence or waves, it would be preferable to place the probe inside a still pipe, behind the wall, or at least as far away from the turbulence source as possible. • When using a liquid other than water it is necessary to adjust the outlet according to the density of the liquid, if necessary contact one of our technicians. Main Features • Water-repellent, antiperspirant, no leakage, IP68 protection degree. • Excellent resistance to impacts, overloads, shocks and erosion. • Efficient lightning protection, strong EMI/ RFI protection. •    Advanced    digital    temperature compensation and wide range operating temperature. •    High sensitivity and    precision, high frequency response and long-term stability Applications •    Automation    systems    and constant pressure water supply systems. •    Urban water    supply    and wastewater treatment. • Liquid level testing and control in other automation systems. • Liquid level testing and control in industrial processes. • Testing and control in hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering. Available Measure Ranges NOMINAL PRESSURE A2X Digital Indicator The indicator is dedicated to the measurement of analog process signals from 4^20 mA transmitters; 0^I0V; 0^5V; K5V; + I0V or to any type of signal included in the following ranges: +40 mA, +4 Vdc and +40 Vdc. When ordering, the desired entry scale can be specified. If not specified, the device is delivered calibrated with the 4^20mA input scale and reading scale 0^1000. The 5-digit display allows you to display values between +99999. The calibration operations are simplified by the possibility of associating two values ofthe input variable (start and full scale) to the two parameters "reading at start of scale" and "reading at full scale" with simple manual operations or through the two digital remote commands. There are two alarm thresholds that can be set as minimum, maximum, at precise values and hysteresis thresholds, both with adjustable differential and possibility to operate manually Multi-function process indicator 96x48 5-digit indicator suitable for the detection of signals from industrial transmitters 4^20mA or 0^I0V Two, four or six relay alarm thresholds Programming with 4-key keypad, EEPROM storage Self-learning of calibration levels using two digital inputs Working temperature -I0+50°C Flush mounting (drilling template 92x45) IP54

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ELECTRONIC LEVEL LEVEL TRANSMITTER CONTROLS Technical features Compensated temperature range    0°C...+70°C Load resistance Insulation resistance All data and contents on this sheet are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments Compatible liquids Chassis Membrane Oring Filling oil Protection Net weight Accuracy parameters < (Vs - 12)/0.02A (for current output), > 10kfi (for voltage output) 100 MO @ 50 Vdc All liquids compatible with AISI316L stainless steel AISI316L Stainless Steel AISI316L Stainless Steel VITON or NBR Silicone oil IP68 225 g Temperature coeff. zero    ±0.75    ±1.5    %...

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