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RIF300 Vortex Flowmeter Riels® Instruments

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VORTEX FLOW METER RIF300 Vortex Flow meter Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments Measuring range of liquid & gas (Working condition) for the measurement of liquid, gas, and steam in commercial, industrial and municipal applications: for the water and waste water, chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas, power, pharmaceutical, paper, food & beverage industries. Vortex Flowmeter Advantages: • Integrated pressure and temperature compensation. •    4-20mA, pulse with HART or pulse with RS485 are selectable. • Wide temperature range up to highest temperature 350°C • No moving parts, no abrasion, non-wearing parts inside, fully welded SS304 body(SS316 selectable). • Embedded sensor 4 piezo-electric crystal encapsulated inside the sensor Measuring principle: Vortex flow meter is one kind of speed type flow meter It based on Karman vortex theory and adopts piezoelectric crystal to detect the burble frequency of the fluid caused by flowing through the triangular prism in the pipeline and then measure the flow of fluid. Vortex flow meter is widely used in petrol, chemical industry light industry and power heat supply and so on. When the fluid in the pipeline passes the burble generator(triangular prism), burble will generate due to the acceleration of partial flow rate. The burble will arise alternatively in two burble lines, which is called Karman vortex. The releasing frequency of Karman vortex depends on the size of triangle prim and flow rate of fluid, while independent of the medium feature parameter such as the temperature, pressure, it can be indicated by the following formulas: F=    sR*v(1-1.27*d/D) formula    1 F:    The releasing frequency of Karman vortex (unit: Hz) Sr:    Strouhal number (unit: dimensionless) V:    Medium flow rate (unit:m/s) d:    The width of triangle prim D:    Vortex meter inner diameter (unit:m) Q:    Instantaneous volume flow rate (m3/h) K:    Vortex meter coefficient (unit pulse number/m3) M:    Instantaneous quality flow rate (unit: kg/h) Temperature & Pressure compensation Diameter (mm)    Flow rate liquid (mc/h) Flow rate gas (mc/h) Note: if client want to know the mass flow rate, they need to calculated according to density, density is depends on the different temperature and pressure.

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Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments

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Vortex flowmeter-Saturated Steam Flow Range (kg/h) Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments Superheated Steam Density & Relative Temperature and Pressure (Kg/m3) Absolute Pressure

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RIF300 Vortex Flowmeter Model Selection Table 10 RIF300 Caliber (mm) DN15-DN300 Reference code, check code table 10. Tri-Clamp (Sanitary) Thread Standard signal output Intrinsically safe Explosion-proof Temperature compensation Pressure compensation Temperature & Pressure compensation ANSI 150# Flange Standard Superheated Steam Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprietà esclusiva di Riels Instruments Satured Steam Output Signal Power supply Structure Type Special Mark

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