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RIB850 Test pressure gauge Riels Instruments

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TEST PRESSURE GAUGES PRESSURE CONTROLS Test pressure gauges RIB850 They are used to calibrate and test industrial gauges or for precision measurements in the laboratory; they can be used for both liquid and gaseous fluids, except for those having a high viscosity or prone to crystallisation. Each gauges is supplied with a calibration certificate issued by our lab, indicatin the global error of the gauge and the references to the primary gauge use for the calibration. Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprietà esclusiva di Riels Instruments RIB850-4 Flush with 3 holes flange; RIB850-1 Direct, bottom connection. RIB850-2 Wall with 3 holes flange; bottom connection. back connection. RIB850-5 Flush with U clamp, back connection. RIB850-3Direct, back connection. Design features DIAL SIZE (DS): ACCURACY: CASE AND RING: PRESSURE CONNECTION: ELASTIC ELEMENT: MOVEMENT: POINTER: WINDOW: WINDOW GASKET: DIAL: mm 100 – 150 – 200 – 250 Class 0,25. (Class 0,6 Ø 100 and ranges from 60 to 400 mbar) according to EN837-1. AISI 304 stainless steel with bayonet clutch; nitrile rubber NBR safety plug. AISI 316; thread G1/2” A UNI ISO 228/1 • from 60 to 400 mbar: Phosphorous bronze bellow - only for gaseous fluids • form 0,6 to 1000 bar: CuBe seamless tube • from 0,6 to 1000 bar - Class 0,6: AISI 316L st. st. seamless tube hight precision clockwork alloy, pinion and bolt of the sector mounted on bushes in semi precious stone. adjustable in black anodized aluminium; knife execution. glass 3 mm thick. nitrile rubber NBR. white aluminium; black scale and graduation with anti-parallax mirror ring. Ranges Range mbar Scale Interval mbar Equivalent units and ranges for pressure or vacuum Thecnical characteristics OPERATING PRESSURE: OPERATING TEMPERATURE: OVERPRESSURE: THERMAL DRIFT: DEGREE OF PROTECTION: Constant: full scale. Changeable: 90% full scale. Ambient: 10 ÷ 30 °C Process fluid: max 60 °C Up to 60 bar: 25% F.S.V. From 100 bar: 15% F.S.V. max ± 0.05% of span every 10 °C of deviation from the reference temperature of 20 °C. IP55 according to EN 60529

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• SPECIAL SCALES: Single - Double    Quadruple: 0/20 psi - 0/1,4 bar - 0/100% lin. - 0/10 quadratic • CLASS OF PRECISION 0,6 • LIQUID FILLING (CLASS OF PRECISION 0,6) • FLANGE PRESSURE CONNECTION 0 40 mm with clamping lugs (max 60 bar) • CASE • CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE ISSUED BY SIT (Calibration service in Italy) Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments DIAL SIZE How to order When ordering specify: Model, Mounting, Dial, Range, Pressure connection, Option and accessories Example: RIB850-I DNI00 0/10 bar G 1/2" Case

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