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DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE TRANSMITTER PRESSURE CONTROLS Differential pressure transmitter based on two absolute sensors In applications where the differential pressure is more than 5% of the maximum standard pressure range, differential pressure measurement with two absolute pressure sensors offers major advantages over conventional methods of differential pressure measurement (such as the Series PD-10). Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprietà esclusiva di Riels Instruments The Series PD-39 X does not measure the differential pressure directly - instead, it uses two absolute pressure sensors to take the measurement indirectly. As well as reducing costs, this differential pressure transmitter is also more robust in relation to unbalanced (one-sided) overloading. The differential pressure range should be at least 5% of the standard pressure range. Each pressure side has two pressure connections, so the PD-39 X is easy to use in pressure lines. So that the differential pressure can also be measured exactly if the standard pressure range/ differential pressure ratio is high, this series also features the tried-and-tested microprocessorbased technology that is used in Series 30 X. All reproducible pressure sensor errors (i.e. nonlinearities and temperature dependencies) are entirely eliminated thanks to mathematical error compensation. The sensor signals are measured with a 16-bit A/D converter, so the individual standard pressure ranges can be measured to an accuracy of 0,05%FS throughout the entire pressure and temperature range. Digital Interface The transmitters have a bus-compatible two-wire RS485 half-duplex interface which is modelled on the ”MODBUS RTU”. RIELS offers interface converters to RS232 or USB for use here. The READ30/PROG30 program and the protocol are freely available. The interface offers these capabilities: – Readout of pressure and temperature values for both sensors. This allows readout of the differential pressure as well as the two standard pressure ranges. – Calibration of zero points and amplification. – Scaling of the analog output to different pressure ranges or units. – Configuration settings such as measurement rate, low-pass (LP) filter, bus address, etc. – Readout of information such as serial number, compensated pressure and temperature ranges, etc. Medium pressure version Analog Output: The analog output is freely scalable via the interface. For flow measurements, the root of the differential pressure can also be outputted. The calculated value can be outputted via an analog interface (0…10 V or 4…20 mA).

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Pressure Ranges (FS) and Overpressure in Bar Series 39 X Low Pressure Standard Pressure Ranges * Overpressure Differential Pressure Ranges Series 39 X Medium Pressure 3 10 25 100 10 20 40 200 All ranges are scalable within standard pressure range. * max. measurable pressure per pressure connection Error band calculation for differential pressure The error band of the differential pressure (in % of the differential pressure measuring range) is calculated as follows: Error band of the differential pressure range = Max. Error Band of Stand.Press.range Example: Standard Pressure = 10 bar X...

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