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NIVOTRACK Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter Riels® Instruments

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MAGNETOSTRICTIVE LEVEL LEVEL TRANSMITTER CONTROLS Nivotrack magnetostrictive level transmitter The Riels Nivotrack magnetostrictive transmitters are an ideal solution for the high-precision measurement of clean fluids. These features make the Nivotrack suitable for the fiscal measurement of liquids such as fuels, solvents, alcohol etc .. The version with flexible tube makes possible an exact measurement for a large amount of high tanks.It offers a low-cost solution for the shipment and for the installation. the version with plastic coatings expands the application to a wide range of aggressive liquids. The transmitter can be easily integrated in a control system by several types ofsignals,communication software and the wide range of accessories. All data and contents of this card are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments Features • Resolution 0.1 mm or 1 mm •    Maximum length 10 m •    rigid or flexible tube guide • Plastic coatings for aggressive media •    4-20 mA and Hart Output •    Graphic display • Optimization of the measurement •    Measure by volume •    ATEX versions •    OIML in approval stage Applications • Tax measures • oil and gas industry • Fuel Storage • Pharmaceutical industry • Chemical industry • Food industry • Alcohol and Beverage •    Mounting by-pass levels side NIVOFLIP indicators for signal transmission Working A float containing a magnetic disc moves along a guide tube , that contain the magnetostrictive cable. A pulse generated by the electronics travels along the magnetostrictive wire. At the point where is located the float creates a twist on the magnetostrictive wire that reflects the pulse creating an acoustic wave that returns back along the wire. the 4 ... 20 mA signal output of the the transmitter is proportional to the pulse travel time. Display position The horizontal or vertical display offers the optimum installation for your application.

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Product density It depends on the selected float Wetted parts material Enviroment temperature Analog Output Serial communication -40 °C ... +70 °C see temperature diagram 4...20 mA (limits : 3,9 ... 20,5 mA) Hart (Resistance : 250 ohm) Display Damping time Error display Output load Power Supply Elettrical Safety Protection degree Process Connection All data and contents of this card are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments Elettrical Connection cable gland M 20 x 1.5, cable section: d=6 .12 mm, braided cord section: max.1.5 mm2 painted aluminum (Alsi12) or plastic (vAloX 412)...

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rigid probe with threaded process connection rigid probe without process connection * rigid probe with plastic coating without process connection * All data and contents of this card are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments flexible probe with sliding sleeve and counterweight flexible probe with plastic coating, sliding sleeve and counterweight * Process connection have to be ordered separately Floats Min. product density Product pressure Material ** Flanges can be ordered separately *It designed to connect min. 2 ”, order for single rigid probe

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Wiring Connector Display Module Proc. Conn. All data and contents of this card are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments Nivotrack in a PC system The instrument output with Hart can be connected to a PC using a SAT-304 HART usB modem. You can connect up to 15 transmitters on the HART line (up to 4 for the EX models). The measured values can be displayed and / or the instruments can be programmed via digital HART communication using the following software: • EView for configuration • NIVISION for viewing. Nivotrack multidrop with Hart protocol MULTICONT is able to handle a maximum of...

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Standard / Material DIN/A38 DIN / 1.4571 DIN/PP DIN / A38 + PTFE ANSI / A38 ANSI / 1.4571 ANSI / PP ANSI / A38 + PTFE Code J Size_ DIN ANSI Pressure Instr. connection Code DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100 DN125 DN150 DN200 1" BSP 2" BSP 1" NPT 2" NPT Sliding sleeve (8) Only fui MDZ types Threaded sliding sleeve Process connection MBA-505-2M-200-00 MBA-505-2M-800-00 MBK-530-2M-400-00 MGU-505-2M-200-00 MBA-505-2M-900-00 4w34bsl 6yyyyy Other accessories All data and contents of this card are the exclusive property of Riels Instruments V BSP T BSP 1" NPT 2" NPT 1" BSP / PVDF, for plastic coated version 1"...

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