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LEVEL INDICATORS WITH 1 CONTACT LEVEL Tutti i dati ed i contenuti di questa scheda sono di proprieta esclusiva di Riels Instruments Electromagnetic level indicators with one contact USE: Entirely in stainless steel, they are suitable for use in the production processes of chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Suitable for solvents, thinners and all liquids compatible with stainless steel. OPERATION: When the float of the indicator encounters the Reed switch incorporated in the tube at the pre-established distances, the contact activated by the magnet housed in the float opens or closes, thus obtaining the possibility of sending a luminous or acoustic signal or disconnecting any electrical equipment connected to it. FITTING: The indicator must be fitted in the vertical position, and the float must be at least 35mm from ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks, etc.). IMPORTANT: To invert the contact from N.C. to N.O. just remove the bottom stop and turn the float upside down. Electrical characteristics - Connection: 1/8" Gas - Electrical contacts: SPST - Power commutable in d.c. : 50 W - Current strenght in a.c : 0,5 A - Protection: IP65 - Cable lenght: 300 mm (Longer on request) - Temperature: -10+120°C - Max.pressure 10 bar - Commutable voltage: RIL280-INOX-FDSA 611 DA 03: 200Vdc RIL280-INOX-FDSA 011 DA 03: 240Vdc

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