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Area velocity flow meter AVFM 5 Riels

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FLOW METER Area-Velocity Flow Meter for Open Channels and Pipes No Flume or Weir Required Model AVFM 5.0 Display,Transmit and Totalize Flow in Open Channels - Measures Reverse Flow -Works in Irregular Channel Shapes Monitor flow through open channels, partially full sewer pipes and sur- charged pipes without a flume or weir Ideal for municipal stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage and irrigation water Submersible Ultrasonic Sensor The Riels AVFM 5.0 uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to continuously measure both Velocity and Level in the channel.The sensor resists fouling, corrosion and abrasion.The flowmeter can be configured with the stan- dard submerged velocity-level sensor; or with submerged velocity plus a separate non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor View flowrate and total flow on the large back it LCD display and connect to external devices with three 4-20mA outputs and two control relays. Measures Velocity + Level with an Ultrasonic Sensor Ultrasonic Flow Monitor for Partially Filled Pipes & Open Channels The AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter measures both Level andVeloci- tyto calculate flow in an open channel or pipe. Calibration is simple: enter the pipe diameter or channel dimensions and the AVFM 5.0 automatically computes and displays flow volume. The ultrasonic sensor mounts inside the pipe or on the bottom of a chan- nel with a stainless steel mounting bracket (included) and a single screw into the bottom of the pipe or channel. No special compounds, tools or The sensor is completely sealed with no orifices or ports. Submerged Sensor Measures Level And Velocity Recommended Pipe or Channel Conditions Careful selection of sensor mounting location results in best performance and maintenance-free operation. Avoid locations where sediment builds up. Best possible accuracy will result when the water is not highly turbulent and where velocity is evenly distributed across the channel.The channel should not have drops or direction changes immediately upstream of the sensor mounting location. Pipe or channel slope should not exceed 3%. The AVFM 5.0 can measure forward flow velocity up to 20 ft/sec (6 m/sec) and reverse flow up to 5 ft/sec (1.5 m/sec).The electronics and software sample and average flow rates continuously to provide stable readings. The submerged velocity/level sensor will measure flow in partially full and surcharged pipes with pressure up to 10 psi. No special set-up or adjustment is required. Minimum recommended pipe diameter is 6" (I 50 mm). Alternate Sensor Configurations The standard sensor measures both velocity and level with a single submerged probe. It is installed in the pipe or channel floor with the stainless steel mounting bracket (supplied), or mounted with an optional stainless steel band for round pipes. Alternate sensor models are available for special applications: a separate non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor with a submerged velocity sensor Sensor cable can be extended up to Riels Instruments Sri . W +39 049 8961771 - A +39 049 7l7368

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Custom Channel Shapes Calibrate the AVFM 5.0 for installation in irregular or compound channel shapes by entering the channel width at multiple level points through a simple menu. Channels of virtually any shape can be monitored with your choice of measurement units. Optional 2-Million Point Data Logger Choose the built-in data logger option if you want the AVFM 5.0 to store time and datestam- ped flow values at 10 second to 60 minute intervals. Daily flow reports are automatically created where total, minimum, maximum and average flow rates are displayed on the LCD display. Transfer log...

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New Open Channel Flow Monitor Measures Velocity + Level to calculate Flow AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter - Measure flow in pipes and open channels of any shape - Ideal where flumes or weirs are difficult to install - Works with water level from I" (25.4 mm) to I 5 ft (4.5 m) -Auto-detects field installation of options including data logger and control relays Riels AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter includes a submerged ultrasonic sensor that is installed at the bottom of an open pipe or channel. Exposed materials are plastic so the sensor resists fouling and corrosion. It has no moving...

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