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Differentian pressure transmitters 0...2.5 bar Monitoring differential gaseous pressure, non-aggressive media. Possible areas of applications are: - air-conditioning and clean rooms; - building automation; - valve and flap control; - fluid and level monitoring; Transduction in voltage and current values. Each transmitter can be set with two pressure ranges using the jumper "Range".The factory setting is for range I (jumper inserted). To choose range 2, remove the jumper The response time of output signal can be configured. The factory setting is for slow response I s (useful for suppressing pressu- re peaks), jumper "Response inserted".To increase fast response remove The output level of 3- wire models can be configured in 0... I OVdc (factory setting, jumper "Output" inserted) or 4...20 mA by removing this jumper Technical data Power supply: Measuring rang see order selection table_ piezoresistive pressure transducer see order selection table see order selection table Rupture press: see order selection table Typical long term stabili Working temp: Response time: housing with process connection P2 madeofABS, mounting part with process connection PI made of POM IP54 (with cover), class I Pressure unit Pascal Outputs and power supply 0.. .10 Vdc 24 Voc/dc. with open collector NPN output. 3- 4...20 mA 24 Vdc, without open collector NPN output. 2- 4.. .20 mA 24 Voc/dc. with open collector NPN output. 3- 0.. .10 Vdc 24 Voc/dc. without open collector NPN output. 4.. .20 mA 24 Voc/dc, without open collector NPN output. with LED-display. 3.5 digits Inotfor output 4...20 mA, 2 wires) Electrical connections Screw terminal block Mounting brocket Mounting brocket Test certificate wire coble wire cable wire coble Riels Instruments Sri • +39 049 8961771 • A +39 049 717368 • www.riels.it • info@riels.it

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Wiring diagram * Only for 3-wiie model withoul display and only on request Pi: positive pressure measuremetit PI +-P?- differential pressure measurement Version without display Setting of switching output: Apply a differential pressure corresponding to the transistor commutation point required. Then press the key "Switching output" for 5 s until led flashes (= value is saved).The led lights when the pressure set is reached Offset calibration: h order to correct zero-point deviation of output signal in depressurized state (ex: to 0 Vdc/ 4 mA at 0 Pa), disconnect the unit from pressure by...

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