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Creating shining results: Perfect surfaces in 3 steps.

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Your tool: Combination of abrasive cloth and non-woven Remove last scratches from surfaces, for example with the VSK VISION. Advice regarding preparations can be found at Tips & Application. • Grinding and finishing in one operation through combination of two grinding tools • As it is flexible the grinding tool it ideally adjusts to the workpiece • Due to the open flap structure undesired discoloration can be avoided Result: Fine grinding pattern with homogenous surface Tip: When processing high-gloss finish polishing always work with cross-grinding method. (if work piece allows) Optimum...

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Your tool: Unitized discs Create an optimal surface. Ideal are discs with medium hardness (3/4) with very fine grain size. • Multilayered, heavily densed non-woven material enables a surface quality close to mirror finish • Ideal adjustment to different contours due to high internal strength • Extremely long lasting due to sturdy design Tip: Besides the straight version of the unitized disc RHODIUS offers also an angled version for more economic and comfortable working. Optimum speed, e. g. for VKSS WS: Processing stainless steel: 3.600 – 4.000 rpm Processing aluminum: 5.500 – 6.000 rpm The...

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High-gloss finishing Your tool: Felt polishing flap disc Refine your workpiece up to mirror finish. IMPORTANT: Clean the workpiece thoroughly before and after each individual procedure. For the first passes use harder felt (H40) combined with the proper polish paste (see next page) for pre-polishing. For the second pass use softer felt (H25) combined with the blue polish paste. • Perfect high-gloss finish • The upright flaps evenly release the polish paste • Ideal adjustment to different contours of the workpiece • Cool grinding due to the special discdesign Tip: Work with high grinding...

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Tips & Application Tooltypes and surface finish Face grinding – creates radial and irregular microsections External cylindrical grinding – creates even and linear surface finish Tip: Round and profiled workpieces For these applications use the slotted version of flap wheels and drums. These versions allow optimal adjustment to the workpiece and create even surface finish. For further information see cataloguepage 115

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Workpiece preparation Your tool: Coated abrasives Completely remove deep scratches and enclosures. If unconditioned stainless-steel is used remove the rolling-skin with coarse grain in any case. For optimal results the final step should be made with grit 60 or finer. Use: • Flap wheels for narrow sections or small areas • Drums with a width > 100 mm for large areas 100 mm Tip: Different mircrosections can be created with the same grit size by increasing/decreasing the speed. Optimum speed Processing aluminum should be done by a higher speed but the maximum permissable working speed should...

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High-gloss polishing Polishing compound There are 3 polishing compounds for different applications: Pre-Polish for non-ferrous metals and processing of stainless-steel and one for high-gloss polishing (all metals). Pre-polishing • Non-ferrous metals (brown) • Stainless-steel (white) High-gloss polishing • All materials (blue) Tip: Do not put the disc to the paste, always put the paste to the disc. By this the amonunt of paste to be used can be ideally controlled. Tool-Sets: All products for perfect results in one package. Polishing of aluminium rims For further information see cataloguepage...

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RHODIUS Schleifwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG Brohltalstraße 2 • D-56659 Burgbrohl Phone +49 2636 920 500 Fax • Your RHODIUS-Dealer:

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