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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 3

More simple Improvements in productivity and efciency are demanded everywhere you turn in the working world. Tasks are becoming increasingly more complex. The professional processing of metal and stone becomes very simple with our product and services solutions. We can offer the ideal tool for every use. You can concentrate on your project; the right grinding tool for your task comes from Rhodius. If you are ever faced with a special challenge, our specialists will be able to come up with a bespoke solution. Quick and easy. Simply more Anyone who places serious demands on his work will not...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 5

It’s all about one thing For many they are simply tools; for us, grinding tools are a passion. Our family-run business has developed and produced professional tools of the highest quality for over 60 years. It is with this dedication that we continue to pursue our goal of making exceptional products and services even better. Our focus is on providing you satisfaction after solving the challenges you put on us. One thing applies for all No matter how different the applications and materials are, our tools offer maximum benet and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Rhodius specialists are...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 7

In discussion with many industries If you want to distinguish between good tools and rst-class solutions, you have to talk to professionals who work with the products every single day. That’s just what we do. We optimise the performance of our products and develop new and, if necessary, customised solutions for you. Our experts from a variety of industries, are available for individual meetings with you. The talk of many industries We see ourselves as a partner for professional users. Which is why we supply cutting, grinding and polishing advice and know-how, along with the perfectly...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 9

Simple solutions are the hardest Our passion for grinding tools leads to innovations that cut down on operations and accelerate processes, or even make these possible for the rst time. When it comes to making your work easier, we don’t take things easy. This drive for improvements and simple solutions can be found throughout our entire assortment, which is tailored fully to your needs. Hard jobs become simple Seeing a problem as a challenge is one of the keys to our success. Good examples of this attitude are our BRAINTOOLS – a separate product line that offers unique solutions for special...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 10

Safe tools – Quality from Germany Our engagement for your safety Grinding tools can be potentially lethal if used incorrectly. The European manufacturers have thus prepared safety instructions in the form of leaets and brochures through their associations VDS (German Abrasives Association) and FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives). These can help you minimise your personal liability risk. You can download the FEPA safety recommendations as a PDF for free from and oSa-manufacturers guarantee safety. oSa stands for “Organisation for the...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 11

Trust is good. A guarantee is better. Buying without risk – with satisfaction guarantee We are only satised with our tools if you are also satised with them. We want to provide top products that are totally convincing, through great performance and a denite improvement in handling comfort. Our customers have trusted us to offer this for over 60 years. You will be convinced of our product quality when you use them. We guarantee the quality and productivity of all our products. Convince yourself – it works that way: When you purchase a tool from Rhodius, you will have 60 days to test the...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 13

BRAINTOOLS® simply clever problem solvers Intelligent tools for special tasks. Tools in the BRAINTOOLS range possess unique application benefits that turn them into individual problem-solvers. BRAINTOOLS are the unbeatable added-value solutions. In your daily work they deliver such specific benefits as: time savings, comfort of application, reduction of material waste and handling: maximum efficiency for maximum cost-effectiveness. Find more on page 28-29 For safe cutting and grinding in one operation. Find more on page 30-31 For easy milling in one operation. Find more on page 50-51 For...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 14

Five steps to the right product Select processing type e.g. Cutting Select product type e.g. Extra thin cutting discs Select material to be processed e.g. Steel Select quality level e.g. TOPline Select dimensions and types Width / cutting edge / form / grain / wire thickness e.g. Cutting and grinding discs Extra thin cutting discs e.g. Diamond cutting dics e.g. Tungsten carbide burrs Segment height Carbide burr shape Colour code for material Colour code for material Colour code for material e.g. Flap discs, coated abrasives MM: Wire width Grit Colour code for material Unit of measurement...

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 15

Fine Grinding / Finishing Tool Sets

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 16

Quick product finder: Cutting Stainless steel Steel Non-ferrous metals Stainless steel Non-ferrous metals Product reference XT8 EXACT XT35 CROSS Extra thin cutting discs FT38 Freehand cutting discs FT40 Stationary cutting discs ST21 LD402/403 ALL IN ONE LD410 SPEED LD200 SPEED LD100 MATRIX LD4 LD2 Diamond cutting discs Universal / Concrete Tiles / Ceramic Natural / Articial stone

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 17

Quick product finder: Cleaning Stainless steel Non-ferrous metals Wood Stainless steel Non-ferrous metals Non-woven cleaning tools Product reference SVS SVS GS SVS Mini ERBZ ERBW Wheel brushes SRBZ SRBZGS SRBWGS SRBWBM SRBWST HRB ETBZ STBZ STBZ S STBW STBWGS STBWM Flap wheel brushes Bevel brushes HTB EKBZ EKBW SKBZ SKBW EPBZ EPBW SPBZ SPBW HPB EHBG Hand scratch brushes SHBG BSBG SKNB MHBW BSBW

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 18

Quick product finder: Rough grinding Stainless steel Steel Stainless steel Product reference FS1 FUSION RS48 Grinding discs Grinding wheels Core drill Non-ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals Concrete universal / Granite Building materials Abrasive materials / Floor pavement

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Catalogue 2013/2014 - 19

Quick product finder: Grinding / finishing Grinding / Finishing Stainless steel Grinding / Finishing Stainless steel Steel Non-ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals Stainless steel Nonferrous metals Product reference Stainless steel Nonferrous metals Product reference JUMBO LONGLIFE KERR Rolls Self fastening discs Abrasive sleeves SVS QUICK Quick Change Discs Non-woven abrasives Unitized discs Felt polishing ap discs Satin-nish / polishing rings FS MINI Flap wheel KERR VELCRO VLS VELCRO Polishing paste * In order to achieve good results with a ap disc you will need to use a silicon free cutting...

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