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RVF 436 & 436 S - 2

REX is setting new standards - Vacuum filling machines of the highest standard The new REX vacuum filling machines, series 200, 300, 400, 700 and 900 are the result of more than 30 years of experience. They satisfy a broad spectrum of individual requirements. The new series replaces the already well proved and tested REX vacuum filler programme and it is the innovative pioneer for machine processing of various types of liquid or viscous substances.

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 3

Services rendered on a permanent basis The qualified advice in the selection of machines to suit your special requirements; commissioning and demonstration in your company; regular service and prompt customer service: This is the foundation of long-term cooperation.

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 5

Cost-effective vacuum filler for everyone 50-litre hopper with protective cover The RVF 220 is a perfect and cost-effective solution for newcomers to vacuum filling technology, yet also suitable as a replacement for your existing filling machine. It comes with all the technical features necessary for the trade and is ideal for frequent product changes. The machine housing manufactured completely from stainless steel in hygienic design is compact and space saving. The hoppers – available in a 50-litre version with cover or 100-litre version with flap – are distinguished by simple filling and...

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 7

Simple operation everyone understands Folding hopper Folding hopper RVF 327 and 330 are designed for small and mediumsized companies with frequently changing varieties and normal sausage meat quantities. The series 300 is characterised by reliable, quick and easy cleaning, minimal leftovers and low energy costs. The vane cell feed system made of wear-resistant stainless steel guarantees a long service life and the highest product quality. It ensures gentle transport of all fillers and minimum air pockets in the sausage meat. The touchscreen guarantees simple operation. The clipper socket...

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 9

Entry models with lifting device The RVF 420 and RVF 430 models are designed with all requirements of small trade in mind. The various equipment variants along with the optionally available lifting and tilting device make the machine a perfect vacuum filler for small companies. The compact and space-saving design, with smooth and hygienic machine housing, as well as the large rotary vane conveyor system for precise portioning, correspond ideally to user needs. The meat emulsion is transported gently, especially for large product inlays and larger pieces of meat or raw sausage applications....

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 11

The all-rounder for all sizes of business In-feed system Folding hopper I 100 litre folding hopper I 160 litre folding hopper I 250 litre folding hopper K I 350 litre folding hopper II K K I II K K IK Features that characterise the Series 400: Touchscreen control Series 400 is flexible and universal: This is as suitable for the smaller or medium-sized meat-processing operations as it is for larger, highly specialised companies. Its smooth surface, hygienically designed, space-saving machine housing, is self-supporting and made entirely of stainless steel. The reinforced model of the large...

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 13

Innovation & Perfection set new standards The machine types RVF 740 & 760, like series RVF 400, are designed for the requirements of the meat processing industry, as well as middle-sized and larger often highly specialised business units. These also offer: a high performance density exact portioning easy change of variety multifunctional supplementary possibilities in combination with various clipping machines and attachments. I a high standard of hygiene and easy cleaning Case holding device 320/400 Vane cell feed system Straight filling tube Folding hopper 250 or 350 litres Grinder system...

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 15

Higher filling pressure for easy filling Folding hopper 250 and/or 350 litres RVF 736 and 761 are designed also for the requirements of the meat processing industry. The reinforced drive units make it possible to reach a maximum filling pressure of up to 70 bar. Particularly useful for: I Applications in conjunction with the REX grinding head Vane cell feed system I Dimensioned drawing RVF 700 with 250 & 350 litre hopper I very cold and tough meat mass up to -4°C - when using smaller filling tube or linking nozzle diameters The in-feed systems guarantee exact portioning - for both of very...

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 17

The power packages for industry Series RVF 900 is characterised by its almost unbelievable throughput performance which makes it suitable for industrial purposes. The increased throughput capacity is the optimum solution for industrial applications. It can also be incorporated in line solutions with various clipping machines and attachments. I Dimensioned drawing RVF 900 with 350 litre hopper The 350 litre folding hopper permits max. loading as well as quick and easy cleaning. The feed system built in the hopper supports the filling of the chambers in the vane cell. The in-feed system which...

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 18

Control technology of the future – simple operation for economic production TECHNICAL DETAILS AT A GLANCE The REX servo drive, used successfully in all REX machines for the past 25 years, has an improved performance due to the latest drive concept. It represents: REX Network Solution for maximum process monitoring I I I I low maintenance needs for many years stability; it tolerates voltage fluctuations of +/- 30% exact portioning low energy consumption an extremely smooth and silent operation The integrated REX touchscreen is used in all types of machines and offers the user simple...

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RVF 436 & 436 S - 19

Grinding technology offers a wide range of application O-D OF SERV DETAILS - THE BASIC FOUNDATION Grinding system A inline grinder may be attached to the series RVF 700 and 900 at any time. The independent servo drive of the inline grinder , operated via touchscreen control, makes it possible to adapt the cutting speed at any time. The inline grinder can be flexibly used with the straight filling tube, case holding device or in conjunction with all common clipping machines. Furthermore, it is possible to portion minced meat. It is available with a triple or fivefold cutting sets. All...

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