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NEW DIMENSIONS OF THE HIGHEST STANDARD REX is setting new standards in raw sausage production The new REX grinding system makes it possibleto maintain a wider range of requirements forimproving product quality, while at the sametime upholding cost efficiency. The technologically advanced and intelligent „grinding system” concept by REX is ideal forraw sausage production and also for othersausage usages. Therefore, optimizing theentire filling process is guaranteed through awider range of functional possibilities. The advantage is in detail A decisive advantage in the REX grinding system...

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MC 3-1 / MC 3-2 Grinding system technology for individual uses End hole plates between 1,5 and 8 mm Pneumatic separating equipment The production series RVF 700 and 900 both have the optional capacity of attaching a grinding system. The independent servodrive of the grinding system, which is regulated by the touch screen control, makes it possible for an individual cutting speedadaptation for the particular requirement. The overall advantages of the REX grinding system technology are as follows: Reduced pre-cutting time Reduction of air pockets in the product Clear particle definition...

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Meat grinding technology for economical production The ground meat portioning line developed by REX has been adapted to the industrial product profiles and their requirements. The modular system can be adjusted quickly and individually for all customer needs. This feature makes the ground meatportioning line from REX an optimum economical production line solution, which improves the product quality of the groundmeat. A very important aspect of ground meat production is the grinding process. The pregrinded product is exactlyportioned by the filling machine and ground in the REX MC 3-3 meat...

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RHP 240 Ground meat portioning machine RHP 240 completes the line The REX ground meat portioning machine RHP 240, which is connected to the filling machine and mounted on the meat grinder, transports the discharged product and cuts the portions exactly to the desired size. This process achieves an extremely accurate weight. The speed of the two transport belts, which operate independently of each other, can easily be adjusted to the productflow. ESSENTIAL Additional features: a regular product output easy to operate paper dispenserunique hygienic design max. portioning capacity of up to 120...

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Technical data Filling machine models

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REX Technologie GmbH & Co. KG Irlachstrasse 31 • A-5303 Thalgau Phone +43(0)6235-6116-0 • Fax +43(0)6235-6529 E-Mail: The images in this brochure can only serve as a guide because printing colours do not reflect the brilliance of the paint. Changes of technical details as well as misprints and printing errors reserved

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