Fully automatic sausage filling and hanging line


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FULLY AUTOMATIC SAUSAGE FILLING AND HANGING LINE Performance data: I up to 2,500 portions/minute with artificial and collagen casings I up to 1,000 portions/minute with natural casing (performance depends on product length / weight / diameter) caliber range: 13-50 mm portion lengths: from 25 mm calibration tube length: 430 mm or 530 mm length of hanging system: 330 cm

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REX - FORMING LINE INDUSTRIAL SAUSAGE PRODUCTION WITH REX LINKING AND HANGING TECHNOLOGY AKS 65M - fully automatic casing change for all artificial and collagen casings AKS 65 - semi-automatic casing change using turret technology Displacement system defines the portion length Calibration belts ensure exact lengths The linking and hanging technology from REX-Technologie stands for maximum flexibility. The process solution is innovative with the highest productivity and flexibility for all sausages. Regardless of whether you are processing natural, synthetic or collagen casings, the hanging...

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