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Jaw Crushers Rotor Mills Cutting Mills Knife Mills Mortar Grinders Disc Mills Mixer Mills Planetary Ball Mills The Art of Milling Contemporary Milling Technologies ISSN 0949-6025 | Issue 36 | Information from the field of solids preparation and characterization in laboratories and processing industries the sample

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A reliable and accurate chemical or physical analysis can only be guaranteed by reproducible, neutral-to-analysis sample preparation. The “art of milling” consists in turning a laboratory sample into a representative part sample with homogeneous analytical fineness. When choosing a suitable laboratory mill and grinding tools, it must be ensured that the sample properties which have to be determined (such as, for example, moisture or heavy metal content) will not be altered in any way during the process. That is why RETSCH provides the world’s most comprehensive range of laboratory crushers...

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Pressure Force is applied between two solid surfaces that either represent the grinding tool surfaces directly or may be the surfaces of adjacent particles. Pressure is exerted by the grinding tools. Example: jaw crushers Impact effects Force at a solid surface. This could either be that of a grinding tool, or be represented by other particles. Strain by impact is mainly caused by one-sided and opposing particle acceleration. Examples: mixer mills, planetary mills Friction Force between two solid surfaces. Caused by the vertical pressure of one surface and the simultaneous movement of the...

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Jaw Crusher BB 200 Power horse for coarse and preliminary grinding RETSCH jaw crushers are used for the rapid, gentle crushing and pre-crushing of medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough materials. With the benchtop model BB 51 and the floor models BB 100, BB 200 and BB 300, RETSCH offers a wide selection of jaw crushers for sample preparation in laboratories and industrial plants. The crushers excel by numerous performance and safety features and are available in various material versions (e. g. heavy-metal-free). With feed sizes ranging from 35 to 150 mm, the crushers achieve grind sizes...

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applicati on exam ples alloys, basalt, cement clinker, ceramics, chamotte, coal, coke, construction materials, feldspar, glass, granite, minerals, ores, oxide ceramics, quartz, rocks, silicon, slag etc. Semiconductors are used for a variety of electronic applications such as integrated circuits (microprocessors, microcontrollers etc.), optical detectors and radiation sources (e. g. light emitting diodes), but particularly for photovoltaics where solar energy is transformed into electrical power. For the majority of applications, silicon is the semiconductor material of choice. With 26%...

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The powerful and versatile ZM 200 offers the ultimate in performance and operating comfort. This rotor mill pulverizes a great variety of substances extremely fast, thus allowing for a high sample throughput. The 2-step grinding process by shearing and impact ensures particularly gentle but fast grinding to sizes typically between 100 and 500 microns, determined by the hole size of the ring sieve. The sample only remains in the grinding chamber for a short time ensuring that it is not warmed too much and that the properties to be analyzed are not altered in any way. The patented cassette...

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rotor mils Rotor beater and cross beater mills are used for grinding larger sample volumes batch-wise or continuously. They are ideal for sample preparation in laboratories and also for preparing sample batches in pilot plants. Applicati on Exam ples bones and other tissue, cereals, chemical products, coal, coke, drugs, electronic scrap, food and feeds, fertilizers, paper, pharmaceutical materials, plant materials, plastics, powder coatings, refuse derived fuels, resins, rubber, spices, textiles, wood etc. This new cyclone mill in proven RETSCH quality was designed for reproducible sample...

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Cutting Mill SM 300 Powerful grinding of difficult materials Cutting mills are suitable for grinding soft, medium-hard, tough, elastic, fibrous, and heterogeneous mixes of products. The new, powerful Cutting Mill SM 300 excels especially in the tough jobs where other cutting mills fail. The high torque of the new 3 kW drive with RES technology (additional flywheel mass) allows for an exceptionally powerful preliminary size reduction of heterogeneous mixtures, such as waste or electronic components. Analytical fineness is often achieved in one working run. Another innovation of the SM 300 is...

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cutting mils | the sample 36 | 09 Applicati on Exam ples animal feed, bones, cables, cardboard, electronic scrap, feed pellets, foils, food, leather, material mixtures, non-ferrous metals, paper, pharmaceutical products, plant materials, plastics, refuse derived fuels, rubber, textiles, waste, wood etc. Renewable energy In addition to the powerful SM 300 RETSCH offers the versatile standard model SM 200 and the budgetpriced basic model SM 100. Cutting Mill Cutting Mill SM 200 SM 100 Wood residues from forestry work and wood processing...

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knife mils 10 | the sample 36 | Knife Mill GRINDOMIX GM 300 The professional solution for the food laboratory The Grindomix Knife Mills set new standards in food sample preparation. The cutting effect produced by the steel blades in conjunction with the patented gravity lid results in the size reduction and perfect homogenization of samples high in water, fat or oil content. It is possible to take a random, yet representative sub-sample from any location in the grinding chamber and still obtain a meaningful analysis result. With a grinding chamber volume of 5,000 ml the GM...

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Applicati on Exam ples bread, candy, cereal bars, cereals, cheese, cocoa nibs, deepfrozen products, dried and fresh fruit, feed pellets, fish, lettuce, meat, nuts, oilseeds, sausages, spices, vegetables etc. knife mills | the sample 36 | 11 Food manufacturers often promote their products as „light“ or, such as in the case of cereal bars, „healthy“. If that is actually true, can only be verified by analyzing the nutritional values, a procedure which forms an important part of food quality control. The values of fat, saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt which are printed on...

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