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Planetary Ball Mills - 1

Size reduction with Planetary Ball Mills

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Planetary Ball Mills - 2

Planetary Ball Mills RETSCH’s innovative Planetary Ball Mills meet and exceed all requirements for fast and reproducible grinding down to the nano range. They are used for the most demanding tasks, from routine sample processing to colloidal grinding and advanced materials development. 2 Planetary Ball Mills

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Planetary Ball Mills - 3

Content Planetary Ball Mills – Applications 4 – Benchtop models – Planetary Ball Mill PM 100 5 – Planetary Ball Mill PM 100 CM 5 – Planetary Ball Mill PM 200 5 – Floor models – Planetary Ball Mill PM 400 5 – Planetary Ball Mill PM 400 MA 5 – Selection guide / technical data 9 – Grinding jars 10 – Pressure and Temperature Measurement System PM GrindControl 11 – Order data 12 Mixer Mills Preliminary size reduction Assisting RETSCH Planetary Ball Mills are used for the pulverization of soft, fibrous, hard and brittle materials. They achieve a very high final fineness down to the submicron...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 4

Planetary Ball Mills 4 Applications RETSCH Planetary Ball Mills pulverize and mix soft, medium-hard to extremely hard, brittle and fibrous materials. They are suitable for both dry and wet grinding. These versatile mills are used successfully in virtually all industry and research sectors, where the quality control process places the highest demands on purity, speed, fineness and reproducibility. The main areas of application for Planetary Ball Mills are: Agriculture plant materials, seeds, soil, tobacco, wood fibres Biology bones, hair, tissue Ceramics and glass ceramic oxides, clay...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 5

The grinding jars are arranged eccentrically on the sun wheel of the Planetary Ball Mill. The direction of movement of the sun wheel is opposite to that of the grinding jars in the ratio 1:-2 (or 1:-2.5 or 1:-3). The grinding balls in the grinding jars are subjected to superimposed rotational movements, which cause the so-called Coriolis forces. The difference in speeds between the balls and grinding jars produces an interaction between frictional and impact forces, which releases high dynamic energies. The interplay be- Planetary Ball Mill technology tween these forces produces the high...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 6

Planetary Ball Mills 6 Benchtop models PM 100, PM 100 CM and PM 200 Type PM 100 The convenient benchtop model with 1 grinding station for grinding jars with a nominal volume of 12 to 500 ml. Both PM 100 models feature Free- Force-Compensation-Sockets (FFCS) which ensure a safe low-vibration run and minimal oscillation transfers to the laboratory bench. Type PM 100 CM The PM 100 CM operates in centrifugal mode, i.e. the speed ratio of sun wheel to grinding jar is 1:-1 (PM 100: 1:-2). This results in a different ball movement which leads to a more gentle size reduction process with less...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 7

Planetary Ball Mills 7 Floor models PM 400 and PM 400 MA Type PM 400 The robust floor model PM 400 with 4 grinding stations for grinding jars with a nominal volume of 12 to 500 ml. It can grind up to 8 samples simultaneously down to the submicron range thus generating a high sample throughput. The PM 400 is also available with 2 grinding stations. The freely selectable speed from 30 to 400 min-1 in combination with an effective sun wheel diameter of 300 mm allow for a particularly high energy input. Thus, the PM 400 produces samples with analytical fineness in no time. Type PM 400 MA To...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 8

A well thought-out operating concept and, above all, the optimized safety aspects set new standards in this product segment and offer the user the possibility of carrying out size reduction tasks optimally and safely. The powerful and maintenance-free mill drive guarantees a constant controlled speed even for continuous use in longterm trials and under maximum load. The Planetary Ball Mills offer a high degree of operating convenience, safety and versatility. Thanks to the programmable starting time grinding jobs can be started at night. If a power cut should occur during operation, the...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 9

The working principle of the Planetary Ball Mills is based on the relative rotational movement between the grinding jar and the sun wheel. In addition to the sun wheel diameter and speed of rotation this speed ratio is decisive for the energy input and therefore for the results of the size reduction process. The higher the speed ratio, the more energy is generated. There are Planetary Ball Mills with different speed ratio settings. For example, a ratio of 1:-1 means that Speed ratios each time that the sun wheel rotates the grinding jar also rotates exactly once in the opposite direction...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 10

In addition to the instrument settings, the filling level of the jar is also of crucial importance for a successful grinding process in Planetary Ball Mills. For grinding bulk materials a jar filling should consist of about 1/3 sample and 1/3 ball charge. The remaining third is the free jar volume that is necessary for the free movement of the balls. The table provides guidelines. Planetary Ball Mills 10 “comfort” grinding jars for PM 100, PM 200 and PM 400 Material composition guidelines approx. Material analysis Grinding jar Material no. hardness (in %) Hardened steel 1.2080 62-63 HRC Fe...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 11

Planetary Ball Mills 11 Accessories for grinding jars “comfort” Pressure and Temperature Measuring System PM GrindControl Optimum safety during wet grinding and under inert atmosphere The Planetary Ball Mills are not only suitable for dry grinding but also for wet grinding, e.g. for the production of colloidal systems. The “comfort” grinding jars offer maximum safety. They are gas-tight and dust-proof and can be equipped with special safety closure devices. It permits the gas-tight handling inside and outside of a glovebox and ensures the safe transport of the grinding jar. Furthermore,...

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Planetary Ball Mills - 12

Retsch GmbH Rheinische Straße 36 42781 Haan, Germany Telephone +49 2129/5561-0 Telefax +49 2129/8702 E-Mail Internet Printed in Germany Subject to technical modification and errors 99.540.0001/E-12-2009 RETSCH – Your specialist for sample preparation offers you a comprehensive range of equipment. Please request information on our crushers, mills, sieve shakers, sample dividers, feeders as well as cleaning and drying machines. Planetary Ball Mills 12 Measuring system PM GrindControl for PM 100 and PM 400 I tem No. Pressure and temperature measuring system PM...

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