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New Cutting Mill SM 400


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New Cutting Mill SM 400 - 1

New Cutting Mill SM 400 Are you grinding large sample pieces and volumes in various steps and with manual pre-cutting? Then we have good news for you: With the new Cutting Mill SM 400 you can conveniently pulverize your samples in one go! Benefits SM 400: n For feed sizes up to 170 mm x 220 mm uct Prod at o vide om/ h.c retsc 400 sm n Powerful size reduction also of heterogeneous samples n Substantially higher throughput than with smaller models n Quick and easy cleaning thanks to fold-back hopper and smooth surfaces n Suitable for grinding temperaturesensitive materials

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New Cutting Mill SM 400 - 2

Cutting Mill SM 400 -large sample pieces, high throughput With a grinding chamber volume of 7.5 L, the SM 400 accepts sample pieces measuring up to 170 mm x 220 mm. Thus, large sample volumes may be fed to the mill and completely homogenized in one working run. Compared to smaller models like the SM 300, the throughput is substantially higher. The SM 400 achieves grind sizes down to 1 mm, depending on the sample material. RETSCH cutting mills are used for efficient preliminary The wide selection of accessories allows for quick adaptation grinding of a large variety of sample materials....

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New Cutting Mill SM 400 - 3

Accessories and Options A wide selection of rotors, sieves, hoppers and collecting vessels allows for rapid adaptation to specific requirements. Soft, fluffy materials are thoroughly discharged from the grinding chamber by using the cyclone-suction combination.

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New Cutting Mill SM 400 - 4

Rotor V rotor Parallel section rotor 6-disc rotor Superiority in Detail 1. Push-Fit rotors for quick and easy cleaning (SM 100, SM 200 & SM 300) 2. 3 double-acting cutting bars provide maximum cutting effect (SM 200 & SM 300) 3. Cyclone-suction-combination ensures cooling of sample and cutting tools and improved material discharge (SM 200, SM 300 & SM 400) Cutting Mill SM 300 - less fines thanks to low speed Reduction of the speed leads to a decreased fine fraction of the sample and to more particles within the desired size range. Especially for this type of application, the lowest...

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