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High Energy Ball Mill Emax - The Revolution in Ultrafine Grinding Solutions in Milling & Sieving

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High Energy Milling Controlled forces provide optimum results in a short time New technologies pose new challenges to science mechanical alloying require very high energy input. and research which is also reflected in the As this usually means heat build-up, effective performance features of the laboratory equipment temperature control is an essential requirement. involved. Nanotechnology, a typical example as one of the most innovative developments of our RETSCH is the leading manufacturer of laboratory times, deals with particles in a size range from mills for homogenization of solid...

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Emax - 3

High Energy Ball Mill Emax Faster grinding than with any other ball mill Revolutionary speed of 2000 rpm Unique size reduction principle Innovative water cooling with 3 cooling modes Temperature control Grind sizes in the nanometer range

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Emax – The Revolution in Ultrafine Grinding The Emax is an entirely new ball mill designed In contrast to conventional ball mills, grinding for high energy grinding. The maximum speed processes up to several hours can be carried out in of 2000 rpm, so far unrivaled in a ball mill, and the Emax without cooling breaks. The innovative the innovative jar design produce highly effective water cooling system ensures that the high size reduction by impact and friction. The grinding energy input is effectively used for the grinding jar geometry in combination with the circular process and that the...

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Faster – Finer – Coole

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ADVANTAGE EMAX: Unique grinding jar geometry provides thorough mixing of the sample and narrow particle size distribution ADVANTAGE EMAX: Innovative water cooling with 3 cooling modes allows for grinding without breaks and prevents the sample from overheating ADVANTAGE EMAX: Ergonomic clamping device ensures safe and easy mounting of grinding jars ADVANTAGE EMAX: Large touchscreen with display of temperature, speed and process time ADVANTAGE EMAX: Patented eccentric drive permits maximum speed of 2000 rpm ADVANTAGE EMAX: Temperature control allows definition of a maximum temperature at...

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Intuitive operation 1. Inserting the grinding jar 2. Closing the jar clamp 3. Operating the touchscreen

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Functional Principle Unique size reduction mechanism produces grind sizes in the submicron range The High Energy Ball Mill Emax combines high- the rounded ends of the jars. This significantly frequency impact, intensive friction, and controlled improves the mixing of the particles resulting in circular jar movements to a unique and highly smaller grind sizes and a narrower particle size effective size reduction mechanism. distribution than is possible to achieve in ball mills. The grinding jars have an oval shape and are mounted on two discs respectively which move the jars on a circular...

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Operation & Safety Safe handling of extreme forces Special focus was placed on operating convenience and safety when developing Grinding parameters such as speed, time, interval operation or temperature the Emax. The grinding jar lids with integrated safety closure, which are simply control are quickly and conveniently set via the color touchscreen. The screwed onto the jars, ensure absolute tightness for wet grinding processes or temperature is displayed during the entire grinding process. The user can store in cases of pressure increase inside the jar. The grinding jars are quickly and up...

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Emax - 10

Highly Efficient Cooling System makes cooling breaks obsolete The greatest challenge when developing a high breaks which are typical for long-term processes in The user can choose between 3 cooling modes: energy ball mill is keeping the temperature under conventional ball mills, even at low speed. in addition to the internal cooling, the mill can be control as the enormous size reduction energy connected to a chiller or the tap to further reduce leads to considerable heat built-up inside the In the Emax the cooling system cools the grinding grinding jar. RETSCH solved this problem with jars...

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Emax - 11

Example temperature development* offer flexibility 1. Internal water cooling 2. Additional external cooling possible by connecting the mill to the tap 3 Maximum water cooling by using an optional chiller Temperature of grinding jar exterior ~ 120 °C in conventional ball mill ~ 78 °C in High Energy Ball Mill Emax with internal cooling ~ 50 °C in High Energy Ball Mill Emax with internal cooling and external chiller * Temperatures depend on sample material, instrument configuration, und ambient temperature and may differ from this example Temperature Control Mode for heat-sensitive samples The...

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Emax - 12

Applications Pulverizing, Homogenizing, Alloying The High Energy Ball Mill Emax is used wherever Its efficiency and flexibility makes the Emax highest demands are placed on speed, fineness, suitable for a wide range of materials – from purity and reproducibility. The Emax pulverizes pulverizing ingredients for pharmaceutical research and homogenizes medium-hard, hard, brittle to mechanical alloying for the development of new and fibrous materials – dry or wet – and easily produces grind sizes down to the nanometer range. Feed quantity Grinding time No temperature-induced discoloring, Emax...

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The Emax fulfills highest demands on fineness, speed and reproducibility

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Faster Substantial time saving The high maximum speed of 2000 rpm and the fact that the water cooling system allows for grinding without breaks in most cases result in time savings of up to 90  when using the Emax compared to % conventional ball mills. Another reason for shorter processing times is the highly effective size reduction mechanism employed in the Emax. Time advantage in pharmaceutical research A small particle size has a positive effect on the bioavailability of orally taken active ingredients. The Emax pulverizes pharmaceutical samples and ingredients to submicron and...

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