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Size reduction with Cutting Mills

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Cutting Mills - 2

CUTTING MILLS Cutting Mills RETSCH cutting mills are used successfully for the efficient preliminary size reduction of a huge variety of materials. The mills offer a high level of operational safety and convenience. The wide selection of accessories allows for easy adaptation to different application requirements.

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CONTENTS Milling – Jaw CrushersRotor Mills – Cutting Mills – Knife Mills – Mortar Grinders – Disc Mills – Mixer Mills – Planetary Ball Mills Sieving Assisting os at Product vide ideos /v com w w w.retsch. Cutting Mills – Applications – Cutting Mill SM 300 – Cutting Mill SM 200 – Cutting Mill SM 100 – Selection guide / Technical data – Accessories – Rotors – Hoppers – Bottom sieves – Cyclone-suction-combination – Sample collecting systems – Order data RETSCH cutting mills are used for the preliminary size reduction of soft, medium-hard, fibrous, elastic and tough materials. A...

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Cutting Mills - 4

CUTTING MILLS The main areas of application for cutting mills are: Agriculture Plant materials, straw Chemicals and plastics PET preforms, plastic toys, polymers, resins, rubber Environmental research Cables, cardboard, electronic components, foil, leather, paper, refuse derived fuels, textiles, waste, wood Applications Cutting mills are used for the preliminary grinding of soft, medium-hard, elastic and fibrous materials as well as heterogeneous mixes of products. Size reduction by cutting and shearing is carried out gently and quickly which makes the mills suitable for...

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Cutting Mills - 5

CUTTING MILLS ct The perfe ill for cutting m ment uire every req Benefits at a glance ■ Powerful primary and fine size reduction ■ Selection of models to suit different requirements ■ Quick cleaning, easy handling ■ Defined final fineness due to bottom sieves with aperture sizes from 0.25 - 20 mm ■ Wide range of accessories including various hoppers, collecting systems, rotors and sieves ■ Highest safety standard The RETSCH cutting mills provide highly efficient primary size reduction of such heterogeneous material mixes as waste or electronic components but are also suitable for many other...

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Cutting Mills - 6

CUTTING MILLS Cutting Mill SM 300 SM 300 with fold-back universal hopper perforThe high odel with mance m ology RES techn High torque for primary and fine size reduction Cutting mills are used in many different areas of sample preparation for subsequent analyses. To allow for optimum adaptation to the sample properties with regards to breaking behavior and temperature sensitivity, the SM 300 features a variable speed from 700 to 3,000 min-1. Thus it is possible to grind a great variety of products with one mill, including tough and thermally sensitive materials. Thanks to its flexibility,...

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Cutting Mills - 7

CUTTING MILLS RES Technology – Peak power of up to 20 kW Large feed opening with splash-back protection 3 kW drive with additional flywheel mass Smooth surfaces Ergonomic key pad with digital parameter setting Bottom sieve Push-fit rotor (6-disc rotor or parallel section rotor) 5 l collecting receptacle included in delivery (Cyclone-suctioncombination, 30 l collecting receptacle and various filters optionally available) Comfort base frame with wheels and storage area Double acting cutting bars The diagram shows the torque (green) and the power (blue) of the drive as well as the temporarily...

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Cutting Mills - 8

CUTTING MILLS Cutting Mill SM 200 SM 200 with fold-back hopper and parallel section rotor l The universa model standard Powerful size reduction of many different materials The RETSCH cutting mill SM 200 is a powerful and easy-to-operate instrument for efficient primary and fine size reduction. Benefits at a glance ■ Powerful size reduction with 2.2 kW drive ■ Optimum cutting effects thanks to double acting cutting bars ■ Quick and easy cleaning due to fold-back hopper, smooth surfaces and push-fit rotor ■ High safety standard due to motor brake, central locking device and base frame The...

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Cutting Mills - 9

CUTTING MILLS priced The budget- l basic mode For routine applications The SM 100 is the budget-priced basic model among the RETSCH cutting mills. It is suitable for the size reduction of soft, medium-hard, elastic or fibrous products which can be comminuted without requiring extremely high forces. The mill is particularly suitable for routine applications. It is easy to operate and can be mounted on a solid table or on the optional base frame. SM 100 with universal hopper, parallel section rotor and optional base frame The wide range of accessories makes the SM 100 a versatile instrument....

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Cutting Mills - 10

CUTTING MILLS Accessories for cutting mills Thanks to the comprehensive range of accessories, the RETSCH cutting mills are universally suitable size reduction instruments. Selection of rotors 2 different rotor versions are available for the cutting mills: a parallel section rotor and a 6-disc rotor. The parallel section rotor (1) is equipped with 3 cutting plates (2) and is suitable for universal use. The 6-disc rotor (3) with its 18 replaceable and reversible hard metal cutting tips (4) is mostly used for medium-hard and brittle materials. Both rotors are available in steel St 1.0580 for...

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Cutting Mills - 11

CUTTING MILLS Cyclone-Suction-Combination The SM 300 can be optionally equipped with a cyclone-suction-combination. In addition to a cooling effect on the sample material and the grinding tools, it also improves the discharge of material from the grinding chamber and is therefore recommended for grinding small volumes or low density materials. Thanks to the improved discharge less cleaning is required. The cyclone can be equipped with 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 liters sample bottles. Other Accessories For a higher throughput the 5 liters collecting receptacle can be replaced by a 30 liters plastic...

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Cutting Mills - 12

CUTTING MILLS Order data cutting mills Cutting mills supplied with collecting receptacle, 5 liters and base frame (only SM 200 and SM 300) (please order rotor, hopper, bottom sieve, and for SM 100 base frame, separately) Cutting mills SM 100 for standard size reduction for heavy-metal-free size reduction Base frame with wheels for SM 100 other electrical versions available for the same price Rotors for SM 100 / SM 200 / SM 300 for standard size reduction for heavy-metal-free size reduction stainless steel: Parallel section rotor stainless steel: Universal hopper with plastic plunger Long...

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