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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® Particle size and particle shape measurement with Dynamic Image Analysis Measu r dry, fr ee flow ement of ing bu in a ra l nge fr om 30 k materials µm to 30 mm

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Particle analyzer CAMSIZER Exact Measurement of Particle Size and Shape with the CAMSIZER® Measuring range from 30 μm to 30 mm with no hardware adjustment necessary High resolution for narrow mono-modal or multi-modal distributions Reliable detection of smallest amounts (< 0.01 %) of oversized grains Particle shape analysis (e.g. detection of agglomerates, broken particles or contaminates) n Excellent depth of focus n Highly comparable to sieve analysis results n Excellent reproducibility n n n n 2

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content eos at Product tech www.retsc h- Particle analyzer CAMSIZER CAMSIZER : Measuring range from 30 µm to 3 0 mm – The CAMSIZER system 4–5 – The patented CAMSIZER principle 6–7 – CAMSIZER results 8 – Particle shape analysis and its applications 9 – CAMSIZER accessories 10 – CAMSIZER AutoSampler 11 – CAMSIZER Online System 12 – 13 – Key Features 14 – 15 – Specifications / Technical data 16 Experts for Particle Characterization Retsch Technology's core competence is to combine innovative technology for particle characterization and quality control with a maximum of operating...

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Particle analyzer CAMSIZER The CAMSIZER® System Particle size and particle shape analysis Unique design The CAMSIZER has been developed to comprehensively characterize dry, free flowing bulk materials. For example, whereas traditional sieve analysis can only determine the approximate particle size, the CAMSIZER simultaneously determines both the particle size and shape – with much more detail and at a higher resolution. 100% Quality control The CAMSIZER is a time and cost-saving alternative whenever permanent quality assurance is demanded during production. It can also be used for checking...

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particle analyzer CAMSIZER CAMSIZER® versus sieve analysis – maximum benefits from minimal effort ■ Weigh/tare sieves ■ Feed in sample material ■ Start sieving ■ Weigh fractions ■ Evaluate ■ Clean sieves ■ Particle size distribution from a few sieving fractions ■ Sample fractionation ■ High reproducibility ■ Established measuring technique Effects ■ Assemble sieve stack Benefits/Advantages ■ Further analysis of individual fractions possible ■ Wet sieving possible Sieve analysis Results Analysis Sieve analysis Effort ■ Start measurement ■ Remove sample material ■ Simultaneous analysis of the...

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particle analyzer CAMSIZER The patented CAMSIZER® principle From 30 μm to 30 mm: accurate – quick – reliable The innovative CAMSIZER measuring system is based on the Dynamic Image Analysis principle. The bulk material falls between the light source and cameras. The particle images are optically recorded, digitized and processed in the attached computer. Simultaneous analysis of number, size and shape Maximum resolution The patented measuring design of the CAMSIZER – two digital cameras as an adaptive measuring unit – improves and optimizes particle analysis by digital image processing....

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The sample throughput can vary from grams to kilograms per minute. This is influenced mainly by the size range and material properties of the sample. For small particle sizes a very small amount of the sample may be adequate. The feed hopper has a capacity of 3.5 liters but for a CAMSIZER measurement there is no limit to the maximum sample volume. With the wide feed chute, the full mea- surement field is used, which helps to measure very large particles. Thus, a high sample throughput is guaranteed. By using two cameras the highest possi- ble resolution is achieved over the entire measuring...

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particle analyzer CAMSIZER CAMSIZER® results Evaluation and documentation Real-time results A major advantage in the application of the CAMSIZER is the evaluation of the results in real-time. Graphical representation of the results is available while the measurement is still running. At the same time the measurement process can be checked visually by observing the digital images. Any irregularities detected in the sample material can be archived and evaluated automatically at the touch of a button. Retsch Technology supplies the CAMSIZER with powerful, process-oriented control and...

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particle analyzer CAMSIZER Smooth changeover from sieve analysis to CAMSIZER® More detailed information due to advanced technology The basis of the precise and rapid measuring results is the processing of the particle projections in real time. At a capture rate of 60 images per second, each with more than 780,000 pixels, the CAMSIZER processes information from more than 45 million measuring points per second. In the presentation of the results as graphs, tables, characteristics or digital images, a wide range of customers’ requirements have been anticipated. The computer calculates all...

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particle analyzer CAMSIZER CAMSIZER® accessories Retsch Technology offers a comprehensive range of accessories for the CAMSIZER in order to meet the individual requirements for each application. The individual components are selected according to the sample material properties. Push-fit feed chutes The flow behavior of the sample can be considerably improved by a favorable choice of feed chute surface material and shape. Feed chutes made from high-quality stainless steel are used as standard. Cohesive materials such as coffee or cocoa can be fed in uniformly and continuously by choosing a...

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particle analyzer CAMSIZER CAMSIZER® AutoSampler The use of the CAMSIZER is very economical, particularly for high sample throughput. In combination with the AutoSampler, efficiency can be increased due to the automated sample feeding. A further improvement is possible by using continuous quality monitoring in online operation. The AutoSampler – automatic, reliable, flexible Whenever varying sample materials are to be analyzed or repeat measurements need to be carried out, the AutoSampler adapts perfectly to the defined measuring routine. The hopper position automatically adjusts to give...

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