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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER XT Particle Size and Particle Shape Analysis with dynamic image analysis Measurement of fine powders, granules and suspensions in a range from 1 ìm to 3 mm

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Precise measurement of particle size and shape with the CAMSIZER XT n Measuring range from 1 ìm to 3 mm without hardware adjustment n High resolution for narrow, mono-modal distributions n Excellent dynamic measurement range for broad distributions or multi-modal samples n Reliable detection of smallest amounts (< 0.1 %) of “oversize” particles n Particle shape analysis (e. g. aspect ratio, symmetry or roundness for detection of agglomerates, broken particles or contaminations) 2

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– Measurement principle 5 – Modular design for optimum measurement conditions 6 – 7 – Air pressure dispersion Module “X-Dry” with “X-Jet” 6 – Gravity dispersion Module “X-Dry” with “X-Fall” 7 – Wet dispersion Module “X-Flow” 7 – Key features 8 – 11 – Comparison of measurement techniques 11 – Accessories 12 – Specifications 12 Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER XT Experts for Particle Measurement Technology Retsch Technology's core competence is to combine innovative technology for particle characterization and quality control with a maximum of operating convenience. The product line for particle...

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4 Benefits at a glance n Digital image processing with patented two-camera system (according to ISO 13322-2) n Wide dynamic measuring range from 1 ìm to 3 mm n State-of-the-art optical system with ultra-strong LEDs for highest resolution and excellent depth of focus n Reliable detection of smallest amounts of “undersize” and “oversize” particles n Particle shape analysis (e. g. aspect ratio, symmetry or roundness for detection of agglomerates, broken particles and contaminations) n Very short measurement time of 1 – 3 minutes n Excellent reproducibility n Modular system “X-Change” for dry...

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Certified calibration standard Recalibrating the CAMSIZER XT is a matter of seconds with the help of a highly precise (±0,1 ìm) reference object, made by electron beam lithography, which simulates differently sized particles. This allows fully traceable and verifyable calibration and calibration status recording. light source 1 sample fl ow light source 2 zoom camera basic camera + The patented measurement principle is fairly simple: Dispersed particles pass in front of two bright, pulsed LED light sources. The shadows of the particles are captured with two digital cameras. One camera is...

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6 Air Pressure Dispersion with “X-Jet” Modular design for optimum measurement conditions The dispersion, that means the separation of the particles when passing through the measurement area, is a crucial precondition for a correct measurement of the particles. Thanks to the fl exible pressure adjustment of the “X-Jet” plug-in cartridge each material can be measured under optimum conditions. Small particles have a relatively large surface area but small weight, which increases the effects of Van-der-Waals forces or electrostatic charges, leading to aggregation and clumping of particles. When...

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Wet Dispersion with the “X-Flow” Module The wet module “X-Flow” analyzes samples in a range from 1 to 600 microns in suspensions or emulsions. An advantage of this module is the small required sample volume. A low particle concentration in the dispersion medium of, for example, 20 mg/l is already suffi cient to detect enough particles for a reproducible result in only 1 minute. Therefore, this module is highly suitable for applications involving pharmaceuticals or explosives, when only a limited amount of sample material is available or advisable for safe operation. It can also be used for...

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Example: Coffee Thanks to the patented two-camera principle, the CAMSIZER XT offers excellent resolution for fi ne particles as well as outstanding statistics for large particles which is crucially important for the detection of small amounts of oversized particles. The graphic shows a comparison between three differently ground coffee powder samples. The red curve represents a narrow size distribution while the green curve shows a much larger amount of over- and undersized grains. The blue curve is a mixture, showing a signifi cant amount of coarse particles even larger than 1 mm. An...

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Example: Mineral granulate Sieve analysis results can be compared directly with the CAMSIZER XT data. The example shows the measurement of a granular mineral which is used as an animal food additive. Thanks to the perfect match between CAMSIZER XT and sieve analysis, product specifi cations of suppliers and customers can be directly compared even if they have been measured with different analysis techniques. Size results 100% compatible with sieve analysis 4 5 6 Dynamic image analysis enables simultaneous determination of the size distribution with regards to width XW (red), length XL...

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Key features 10 Example: PMMA micro beads The CAMSIZER XT features the latest camera technology with high frame rates and high resolution 16-bit grayscale images, to detect as many particles as possible in the shortest time. The graphic shows the comparison of two samples with different amounts of oversized particles. Sample 2 (red) contains more oversized particles at 20 microns than sample 1 (0.2%). The detection effi ciency for small amounts of oversized particles is much better with the CAMSIZER XT than with any laser particle sizer (factor 100). Reliable detection of oversized...

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Sieving, Laser Diffraction or Dynamic Image Processing? 11 Performance Features CAMSIZER XT Sieving Laser Diffraction opt. Microscope Wide dynamic measurement range ++ + ++ – Reproducibility and repeatability ++ + ++ – High resolution for narrow distributions ++ – – ++ Particle shape analysis ++ – – ++ Direct measurement technique ++ ++ – ++ Compatibility of results with other techniques + – – – Reliable detection of oversized grains + ++ – – Robust hardware, easy operation for routine analysis ++ ++ + – Analysis of individual particles + – – ++ High measurement speed, short measurement...

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