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For every application a suitable ball mill For every application a suitable ball mill With 11 different models the RETSCH ball mill range is the most extensive in the world offering a high degree of flexibility when it comes to milling samples down to the submicron range. Widest Range of Ball Mills Worldwide RETSCH Yeast Cells

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The widest ball mills in RETSCH’s comprehensive range of ball mills comprises High Energy Ball Mills, Planetary Ball Mills and Mixer Mills. Whereas the Mixer Mills are used for dry/wet/cryogenic grinding and homogenizing small sample volumes, the Planetary Ball Mills meet and exceed all requirements for fast and reproducible Wet grinding Dry grinding Grind size Adapters for disposable vials Energy input Cryogenic grinding Sample throughput Neutral-to-analysis Materials Performance Data Mixer Mill MM 200 High Energy Ball Mill Emax Planetary Ball Mill PM 100 CM Planetary Ball Mill PM 100...

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Application Examples MIXER MILL MM 200 AND MM 400 Sample Human hair 1 piece 8 x 4 g wet cells in 12 g buffer Feed quantity Final fineness Shoe sole Yeast cells disruption Colloidal grinding Sample volume Frog tissue inert atmosphere Final fineness grinding down to the submicron range as well as mechanical alloying. The High Energy Ball Mill Emax provides grind sizes in the nanometer range in a very short time and is also used for mechanical alloying and colloidal grinding. Whatever your requirements may be - RETSCH has the perfect ball mill for your application! Feed quantity Back tooth...

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Grinding jars and grinding balls Mixer Mill MM 400 High Energy Ball Mill Emax Planetary Ball Mills Jar materials Mixer Mill MM 200 The grinding jars and balls for RETSCH ball mills are available in a variety of materials and sizes. The grinding jars provide safe, convenient and leak-free handling and ensure optimum grinding results with a minimum of abrasion. Accessories for grinding under inert atmosphere and GrindControl are available. Hardened steel Stainless steel Tungsten carbide Sintered aluminum oxide Silicon nitride Up to 20 Up to 20 Up to 6 in one step in one step in one step PTFE...

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