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Assisting - 1

Assisting for more efficient sample preparation and analysis

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Assisting - 2

ASSISTING Dividing, feeding, drying, cleaning, pelletizing From representative, reproducible sampling and sample division to uniform continuous material feed, from the efficient preparation of pellets for XRF analysis to the rapid cleaning of milling tools and test sieves to gentle sample drying – for all these tasks RETSCH offers a comprehensive range of useful and cost-effective assistants. The products are intended for universal use and make working with RETSCH mills and sieve shakers even more comfortable and efficient. 2

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Assisting - 3

Content Milling Sieving Assisting os at Product vide ideos com/v w w w.retsch. Sample Dividers Rotary Sample Divider PT 100 – Technical data – Order data Rotary Tube Sample Divider PT 200 – Technical data – Order data Sample Splitter RT 6.5 - RT 75 – Technical data – Order data 4 4 8 6 6 8 7 7 8 Vibratory Feeder Vibratory Feeder DR 100 – Technical data – Order data 9 9 15 Pellet Presses Pellet Press PP 40 – Technical data – Order data Pellet Press PP 25 – Technical data – Order data 10 10 16 11 11 16 Fluid Bed Dryer Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200 – Technical data – Order data 12 12 15 Ultrasonic...

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Assisting - 4

Sample Dividers Sample Divider PT 100 ion Highest divis accuracy Simply representative division results RETSCH sample dividers are rotating dividers. They divide all pourable solids up to 10 mm so accurately that the characteristic composition of each fraction of the sample corresponds exactly to that of the original bulk sample. This very high degree of dividing accuracy and re­ roducibility is p achieved with both fine and coarse materials. The material feed and dividing processes take place automatically, without interruption and without loss of mate­ ial. The feed amount r can range...

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Assisting - 5

Sample Dividers Versatile, flexible, adaptable – sample dividing with the RETSCH PT 100 The Sample Divider PT 100 has a mod­ lar design and can be put tou gether to suit individual requirements. It offers an extremely flexible range of possible applications. A feeder, various dividing heads, sample receptacle vessels and further useful accessories are available in addition to the drive unit. Sample vessels are available in dif­ fer­ nt sizes for various applications. e Wide-mouth glass bottles fit the di­ viding heads as standard. Special dividing heads are available for use with Duran...

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Assisting - 6

Sample Dividers Rotating Tube Divider PT 200 Easily divides large quantities PT 200 with 1 sample outlet The RETSCH rotating tube divider is the prerequisite for represen­ a­ ive t t dust-free division and volume reduction of larger bulk samples. It is suitable for powdered or granular bulk materials with particle sizes up to 10 mm. The rotating tube di­ ider can v be provided with bottom cones for 1, 2 or 3 samples. The slot width adjusts the ratio of the fractions and therefore the amount of sample. The sample fractions can be collected in laboratory bottles with a capacity of up to 0.5...

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Assisting - 7

Sample Dividers Calculating the slot width for the PT 200 The maximum dividing ratio depends on the maximum slot width which can be set on the bottom cone. This dif­ers between the three f bottom cones which are available (see table). The smallest dividing ratio depends upon the maximum particle size of the sample since the slot width should be at least 3 times wider than the maxi­ um particle size. This means m that smaller fractions can be taken from smaller particle sizes. The slot width “X” to be set can be calculated from the ratio of the re­ uired fractional q amount “QT” to the...

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Assisting - 8

Sample Dividers Order data sample dividers Sample divider PT 100 Item No. PT 100 complete unit, incl. dividing head with 8 quick-release outlets, DR 100-75/40* with stand and 10 sample bottles 250 ml PT 100 complete unit for 220-240 V, 50 Hz 40.535.0002 PT 100 complete unit for 110-120 V, 60 Hz 40.535.0003 PT 100 drive unit (please order dividing head, collecting receptacles, vibratory feeder/stand separately) PT 100 drive unit for 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz 40.535.0001 Dividing heads for PT 100 material feed size sample vessel bottle fixation aluminum hard-anodized 6 sample outlets up to 10 mm...

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Assisting - 9

Vibratory Feeder Vibratory Feeder DR 100 Uniform, continuous feeding DR 100 The RETSCH vibratory feeder is used for the uniform, continuous feeding and con­ eyance of pourable bulk v materi­ ls and fine powders. The a DR 100 feeds RETSCH mills and sample divi­ ers, as well as balances and d particle measur­ng devices, and it is i also suitable for filling and dosing. Their performance, adap­ability and t compact design make these devices suitable for a great variety of applications. The DR 100 can also be driven and con­ rolled externally via the t built-in interface. RETSCH vibratory...

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Assisting - 10

Pellet Presses Pellet Press PP 40 lity For high-qua pellets PP 40 Automatic pelletizing for efficient sample preparation to XRF analysis Solid, high-quality pellets are an important precondition for reliable and meaningful XRF analysis. With the PP 40, RETSCH offers a pellet press which produces strong pellets with a smooth surface from a wide range of materials such as slag, ores, minerals and cement. The PP 40 features an individual pressure force regulation in the range of 5 to 40 t. Besides controlling the pressure force, it also determines the time of build-up, holding and release of...

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Assisting - 11

Pellet Presses Easy and safe operation Operation of the PP 40 is very convenient. After the sample has been installed beneath the pressure tool, the cover is closed and the process started. All parameters are set easily and safely with one single button, the settings are shown in a graphic display. Up to 32 SOPs can be defined and stored with the PP 40 which guarantees reproducible pelletizing. When the pressing process is finished, the cover unlocks automatically. The operator can now lift it and pull the pressing tool out to remove the pellet. The soundproof and completely enclosed Pellet...

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