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with a Renishaw retrofit apply innovation™

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Give your old CMMs a new lease of life Transform your CMM with a complete retrofit solution, supplied and supported by Renishaw Why retrofit? Most CMM structures are not subject to high levels of wear and so remain serviceable for many years. BUT, software, control systems and sensors can become outdated as new, faster and more capable ones are introduced. Upgrading your CMM can give it a new lease of life… More capability with simple, fast and • intuitive CAD-driven programming and graphical reports that are easier to interpret More throughput using the latest sensors • and motion control...

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State-of-the-art head technology – PH20 PH20 – 5-axis touch trigger measurement Increased throughput Index head compatibility – no • Using only the rapid rotary motion of the head, points can be taken faster, and with improved accuracy and repeatability. Renishaw CMM controller – I++DME • PH20’s unique ‘head touches’ allow measurement points to be taken by moving only the head rather than the CMM structure. requirement to modify existing programs in the majority of cases communication, wide selection of metrology software Integral TP20 probe – allows re-use of • existing equipment • Compact...

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Renishaw retrofit - 4

State-of-the-art sensors Integral industry standard TP20 probe Users of the PH20 probe head will immediately have access to the range of proven TP20 probe modules, providing a wide selection of trigger forces, directional sensing options and extensions to meet application requirements*. The detachable modules provide crash protection and can be automatically changed using the MCR20 change rack. *Excepting the extended force module Touch trigger 3-axis retrofits Renishaw’s industry-standard range of touch-trigger sensors is also available for applications where discrete point measurement is...

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Revo® – igh speed, high accuracy multi-sensor h scanning system Measure faster u • p to 50 times faster surface speed than 3-axis scanning Measure more points • 4000 points per second acquisition rate Measure more features i • nfinite positioning for unparalleled flexibility Measure surface finish p • assive C-axis rotation for maximised feature access Measure more accurately • with the REVO® tip-sensing probe REVO® dynamic scanning head The REVO® measuring head features spherical air bearing technology in each of its two axes, driven by brushless motors linked to high-resolution encoders...

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Renishaw retrofit - 6

State-of-the-art sensors Revo® probes RSP2 is a dedicated lightweight tip-sensing probe for use on REVO® systems, capable of 2D-scanning (x,y) and 3D-touch trigger measurement. RSP3 range of probes complement the RSP2 probe, providing the REVO® system with 3D-scanning (x,y,z) and crank stylus capabilities. The RSP2 has a universal body to which a number of different length stylus holders, with a maximum reach of 500mm, can be fitted. Stylus wear is minimised by the low scanning forces that are required. The RSP3 is used for 3-axis scanning, such as with a fixed REVO® head angle during...

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Renishaw retrofit - 7

REVO® probe calibration Calibration on traditional CMM systems consumes a considerable amount of time that could otherwise be used for part measurement. Using a table mounted sphere, the simple and practical calibration technique for REVO® determines the actual head and probe geometry, allowing measurement in any position from a single operation. SFS-1 REVO® surface finish probe (SFP1) Surface finish measuring has traditionally required using hand-held sensors or moving the part onto a dedicated measuring machine. The REVO® SFP1 probe however, makes surface finish inspection an integral...

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Renishaw retrofit - 8

Transform your measurement capability and productivity Always in control A professional approach to minimise risk Universal control Renishaw provides everything you need to transform the performance of your old CMMs. Renishaw’s UCC universal CMM controller is at the heart of a Renishaw CMM retrofit. Combined with a Renishaw servo power amplifier, it enables precise motion control of up to 5 axes of simultaneous motion on machines of all sizes and also supports rotary tables. It also provides a single-box interface to all Renishaw sensors and can gather surface data at up to 4,000 points per...

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Renishaw retrofit - 9

Making sophisticated measurement simple Powerful metrology software Renishaw’s new MODUS™ software provides a powerful platform for 5-axis measurement. A configurable user interface allows native DMIS programs to be developed offline, drawing geometry, embedded dimensions and tolerance data from CAD, with full simulation and collision detection. The software includes certified algorithms for feature measurement, feature construction and part alignment. Building on a foundation of industry standards such as DMIS, I++ DME, DML and Microsoft® SQL Server, MODUS maximises compatibility with your...

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Transform your measurement capability and productivity Responsive service and to minimise risk A professional approachsupport Maintaining performance Renishaw offers retrofit customers a flexible range of maintenance contract options, including software maintenance; visits for calibration, preventative maintenance and emergency support; out-of-hours support and top-up software training. Each contract is bespoke, so you can select the combination of services that suits your needs, with the flexibility to carry over unused days to the next period. Rapid service & support Renishaw recognises...

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A professional approach to minimise risk Renishaw believes that CMM retrofit customers have the right to expect the same level of professionalism and quality from a CMM upgrade as they get when they buy a new CMM. Its retrofit service is designed to deliver just that. A performance guarantee The first step is a rigorous machine survey designed to assess the mechanical and electrical components of each CMM. Combined with Renishaw’s extensive experience with all brands of CMMs, this enables Renishaw to commit to a level of system performance. You will know exactly what to expect from your...

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