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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009


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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 1

Catalogue 2008/2009 Mobile HeatersHeating CentersDehumidifiers > Technical data, 1st. January 2008 Quality with system size="-1">

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 2

Mobile Hot Air Heating Systems | Customer service Product development Spare part service From the development of new technologies through to the in- tensive training we provide our retail partners, REMKO wins over customers with its strong services.As one of the leading compa-nies for air-conditioning and heating technology that meet customer needs, we offer a high-performance range of products. N Marketing and advertising > It would be easy to focus on providing existing solutions. Instead, REMKO has decided to develop and implement its own technical designs. N At REMKO, service begins...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 3

Series4-12 Mobile Automatic Heater > V V V 4 Electric heatersELT 5 Electric infrared radiatorEST 6 Propane gas heatersPGM/PGT 8 Oil heaters > with built-in oil burner and tank DZH/ATK 10 Oil/gas heaters CLK > with separate burner 13 Accessories 16-17 Heating Centers Heating centers HTK/HTL > with separate burner 18-19 Dehumidifier Mobile DehumidifierAMT > 20 Heat requirement calculation 21 Notices 22 Our further delivery program > Air-conditioners Hot air heating systems Mobile and stationary heaters Oil - gas - electric Mobile dehumidifiers Pool dehumidifiers Portable air-conditioners Wall...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 6

Works satisfactorily in the agri-culture and in the horticulture The heaters are used success-fully by farmers and gardeners. Whether in well-ventilated stalls, equipment sheds, or greenhouses, their mobil- ity makes them practical and universal.The heaters are delivered ready for plug assembly. They are ready for operation after connection to the 230-volt a.c. mains and to propane gas cylinder(s). For energy savings, > Fast spot heating for indoor and outdoor use N Servicing and mainte-nance friendly The heaters of the REMKO PGM and PGT series are de- signed for problem-free, reliable,...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 10

REMKO CLK Versatile application pos-sibilities for construction site heating Ideal for heating workshops, exhibition rooms, and halls N Oil burner, brand as we choose, can be exchanged within minutes In case of sudden cold or un-delayable, scheduled work, the heaters of the CLK series bring the necessary heat to wherever it is desired. This makes construction inde-pendent of the weather because construction on a deadline means that work may be per- formed during the cold season. Structures, materials, and work- stations must then be protected. The mobile devices must be in place only during...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 14

Heating with immediate warmth, economically and ef- fectively The air to be heated is heated directly using a high-perform- ance heat exchanger developed especially by REMKO and blown into the room to be heated by a powerful fan. The immediate heat does not take a diversion via a medium like water. It is thus no surprise that at least 90% of the energy used is converted directly into usable energy. REMKO HTK The HTK mobile heating cent-ers are particularly suited for frequently changing applications sites for the heating, drying, and temperature control of tents, halls, construction sites,...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 16

REMKO HTL Perfect design and performance N Lockable doors for controls and burner N Fully automatic operation with room thermostat The HTL central heating centers fulfil all professional wishes. From the stainless steel design to the technically high-qual- ity, special radial fans. Even in case of oversized hot air tube lengths, these devices dont lose power. N Maintenance-friendly due to removable side parts N Heating in winter, ventilation in summer N Special REMKO Flying-Bird radial fans N Stand and transport boxes made of stainless steel N Automatic fan with direction of rotation...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 18

REMKO AMT This can be avoided. N Easy service thanks to a clearly arranged construction No moist walls, musty smells, and mould - dry quickly and ef- ficiently at the press of a button Can even be used to dry laundry N Wet walls N REMKO Dehumidifier are stackable Musty smells N Very low operating costs from the power outlet, 230 Volt Windows and doors can also only be insulated REMKO dehumidifiers are per-fectly suited for efficient room in cellars and dry cellars, hobby rooms, conservatories, bath- rooms, workrooms, recreation rooms, archives, warehouses, and so on. N Rust to a certain...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 21

Packaging We use environment friendly packaging. This package can be returned without a problem to all waste disposal companies connected to Orders Telephone orders +49 5232 606-130One of our employees will be pleased to take your order. After business hours, you can leave orders on our answering machine. Fax orders +49 5232 606-260E-mail: URL: www.remko.dePlease do not forget your address and customer number. Return/exchange An exchange or return is not possible. Delivery Delivery is ex works or warehouse, carriage forward, including packaging.We reserve the right to make...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 22

Fresh-air operation Hot air heating systems for air to feel good, surprisingly easy, but highly effective Immediate heat with hot air heating systems can be gener- ated in fresh-air, mixed-air, and circulating-air operation. No matter whether workshops, production halls, sales rooms, exhibition halls, sport centres, or greenhouse are being heated: REMKO stationary hot-air heat- ing systems make sure people feel good. We can guarantee the following: > Mobile Hot Air Heating Systems REMKO GPA REMKO VRS upright design > | N The air to be heated is suc-tioned directly from outside. In case of...

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Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems 2008-2009 - 23

Extensive accessory programme We offer tailor-made, complete solutions. For this purpose, we provide a need-specific assort- ment of accessory parts such as control units, chimneys, exhaust accessories, air intake accesso- ries, duct systems, ceiling fans, and many other products. Low-noise REMKO warm water heaters if the heating medium is warm water. Hot water as a heating medium is no problem with REMKO warm water heaters. Without great expense, the devices can be quickly mounted to the wall or ceiling. Circulating-air operation Mixed-air operation N According to the setting, more or less...

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