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Rotary Monoblocs

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/ REJVES MACHINERY The past shapes our future Rejves Machinery S.r.l. was created in 2002 upon the initiative of Renzo Vesentini who started designing and building his own machines, thanks to his knowledge from his 30 years of experience acquired as a designer and R&D manager within the packaging industry (fillers, cappers, labelers and full packaging systems). Today the company consists of a young, dynamic team who succeeded in installing more than 250 systems worldwide.

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Certifications: • Directive 2006/42 / EC - 2006/95 / EC (LV) 2004/108 / EC (EMC) • ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC • Protocols validation DQ-IQ-OQ-PQ A TIMELY ANSWER TO YOUR PACKAGING NEEDS Our goal is to provide solutions intended for the packaging industry and to represent across the world the technological excellence that Italian companies have in their DNA. Years of experience in the packaging sector CHANGE AS TIME CHANGES Rejves Machinery’s objective is to stand-out from the competition through offering cost efficient solutions beyond standardization, to innovate and provide tailored...

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/ ROTARY MONOBLOCS Rotary Monoblocs Industries Food & Beverage Rotary Monoblocs Home & Personal Care Pharmaceutical Industrial & Chemical Rotary Monoblocs combine the high output with a compact dimension. We define Monobloc the machinery that combines both filling and capping in one basament. Rotary Monoblocs can also be provided with a rinsing section, both with water or ionized air. Filling Technology Net Weight Flow Meter 4 Level Filling Vacuum Filling

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/ AVAILABLE MODELS MR/NW - MR/FM MR/LV - MR/VU Up to 620 BPM Our Monobloc solutions are perfect when combined with load cells for net-weight filling. These machine have independently timed valves that are programmed by the filler's computer: precise amounts of liquid will flow by gravity into a container, stopping when a specific weight is reached. On the other hand the filling can also be provided through Flow Meters, Vacuum or Level depending on your needs as, for example, with glass bottles because of their irregularity. The capping section is usually rotary as well to maximize the...

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Italian Craftsmanship Italian craftsmanship has become an actual brand, synonym of quality and passion and because of that Rejves Machinery’s products are 100% made in Italy. This means that every part that we do not manufacture internally, is provided by Italian companies located mostly in our geographical area, so that we have total control over the processes and the quality of the components provided. TAILORED SOLUTIONS CUSTOMER SERVICE Customized applications are the present and future of our industry. At the design phase, we carefully analyze all the requests from our customers,...

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Sales Network Rejves Machinery's products are 100% made in Italy. We export over 90% of our production worldwide, from Europe to North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. We take part to the most important trade fairs and we rely, as well, on a widespread sales network able to ensure an efficient and precise service.

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Rejves Machinery Srl Via A. Grandi, 6 46045 MARMIROLO (Mantova) - ITALY +39 0376 294700 |

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