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1 MODEL LGS -Single Preset Counter/Rate Indicator MODEL LGD - Dual Preset Counter/Rate Indicator MODEL LGB - Four Preset Batch/Counter/Rate Indicator MODEL LGM - Six Preset Counter/Rate Indicator DESCRIPTION The Legend Series consist of four different models that are multi-function count and rate indicators. There can be up to six presets and six programmable outputs depending upon the unit. The count and rate displays have separate programmable decimal point settings. The unit also has rate peak and valley displays that show the highest and lowest rate readings since they were reset (peak and valley readings are not retained when power is removed). There are five Programmable User Inputs, three external remote inputs and two front panel function keys, which allow the user to select from a variety of functions. The two line by eight character alphanumeric display with English menus, allows for easy viewing and simple programming of the units. The four scroll through indication displays can be programmed to show other parameters and if desired, automatically scroll at one of the two programmable rates. A program disable DIP switch used with an external User Input can be utilized to protect the settings and guarantee that no unwanted changes occur during operation. The standard RS485 serial communication feature provides the capability of two-way communication between the Legend unit and other compatible equipment such as a printer, a programmable controller, or a host computer. The Baud Rate is programmable and ranges from 1200 to 9600. The unit address number can be programmed from 00-99. Up to thirty-two units can be installed on a single pair of wires, each with an individual address. The Count value(s), Preset(s), Rate, Peak, Valley, etc can all be interrogated or changed. The output(s), counters(s), rate and peak readings can be reset, by sending the proper command codes via serial communications or by activating a programmable user input. When a user input, selected for the print request function, is activated, the values specified in the Program Print Options module can be transmitted to a printer. Optional Programming Software (SFLGP) for IBM® compatible PCs is available to program all of the Legend configuration parameters such as User Inputs, count modes, etc. The software allows unit configurations to be created, uploaded, downloaded, and saved to a file for rapid programming of the Legend. The Legend offers a choice of seven programmable counting modes for use in applications requiring Bi-directional, Anti-coincidence, and Quadrature counting. A separate external inhibit terminal can be used in conjunction with any of the count modes. The input circuitry is switch selectable to accept signals from a variety of input sources. Aunit may be programmed to register counts on both edges of the input signal providing frequency doubling capability. A Legend unit will indicate an overflow condition when the capacity of a Count display (Process, Batch, or Total) is exceeded, by flashing the word “OVERFLOW” in the appropriate display. All count values and program setting are retained when unit power is removed in nonvolatile memory. LEGEND SERIES DIMENSIONS In inches (mm) Note: Recommended minimum clearance (behind the panel) for mounting clip installation is 3.0" (76.2) H x 4.0" (101.6) W. PANEL CUT-OUT .. 2X8 TRANSMISSIVE LCD, NEGATIVE IMAGE, WITH LED BACKLIGHTING .. FOUR USER PROGRAMMABLE INDICATION DISPLAYS .. OPTIONAL PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE .. ENGLISH PROGRAMMING MENUS .. RATE, PEAK & VALLEY INDICATION .. ABILITY TO LOCKOUT OPERATOR ACCESS TO PROGRAMMING PARAMETERS .. ACCEPTS COUNT RATES UP TO 23 KHz (for Model LGS) .. BI-DIRECTIONAL COUNTING, UP/DOWN CONTROL .. QUADRATURE SENSING (Up to 4 times resolution) .. COUNT INHIBIT PIN AVAILABLE FOR ALL COUNT MODES .. SEPARATE INPUT SCALING FOR RATE & COUNT .. PROGRAMMABLE CONTROL INPUTS .. INPUTS ARE SWITCH SELECTABLE FOR MAGNETIC PICKUPS .. RELAY OUTPUT(S) (Field Replaceable) .. OUTPUT(S) ASSIGNABLE TO COUNT OR RATE .. SOLID STATE CURRENT SINKING OUTPUT(S) .. 115/230 VAC SWITCH SELECTABLE .. RS485 SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS .. NONVOLATILE MEMORY .. NEMA 4X/IP65 SEALED FRONT PANEL BEZEL UL Recognized Component, File # E137808 Bulletin No. LEGEND-E Drawing No. LP0324 Released 1/08 Tel +1 (717) 767-6511 Fax +1 (717) 764-0839 www.redlion.net

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2 DESCRIPTION (Cont’d) A Legend unit will indicate an overflow condition when the capacity of a Count display (Process, Batch, or Total) is exceeded, by flashing the word “OVERFLOW” in the appropriate display. All count values and program setting are retained when unit power is removed in nonvolatile memory. The choice of several reset cycle modes along with the compatibility of count and control inputs to other RLC products, provides added versatility for standalone and system counter needs. The rate input uses the time interval method (1/tau) to calculate the rate value. This method...

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3 SPECIFICATIONS (Cont’d) Note: 1. When the unit is DC powered from terminal TBA pin 5 (common) and terminal TBA pin 3 (DC OUT/IN) a power line filter was installed, RLC #LFIL0000 or equivalent, so as not to impair the function of the unit. Refer to the EMC Installation Guidelines section of the manual for additional information. 13. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C Storage Temperature: -40 to 70°C Operating and Storage Humidity: 85% max. (non-condensing) from 0°C to 50°C. Vibration According to IEC 68-2-6: 5 to 150 Hz, in X, Y, Z direction for 1.5 hours, 2 g’s....

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4 PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS (Cont’d) RESET ACTION Reset to Zero: Output activates when the count equals the preset value. Count display value returns to zero when reset. Reset to Preset: Output activates when the count equals zero. Count display value returns to preset value when reset. Reset to Counter Load: Output activates when count equals the preset value. Count display value returns to counter load value when reset. USER INPUTS There are three external user inputs and two front panel Function keys that are programmable. When activated each User Input can be programmed to perform one of...

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